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Friday, July 20, 2012

Rookie Mistake

This evening I set out on a 6 miler and did the stupidest thing I've done...this week.  I didn't bring water.


At the 3 mile point, I was hot and thirsty.  It's July, for God's sake, I should know better, but I figured I could suck it up for 3 more miles.

At 4 miles, I was REALLY effing thirsty and was starting to think about alternatives to "sucking it up" and sweating to death.  I knew that at my 5 mile point, I had 3 potential options: A McDonald's, a Publix, and a 7-11.  Everyone knows that drinking fountains went the way of saber-toothed tigers and pay phones, so I wasn't expecting to find one of those; I was just hoping at one of those 3 stops, someone might take pity on a hot, sweaty runner and hand me a friggin drink of water.

My first, and closest, option was Mickey D's.  I ran in there and, with a thick tongue, asked the girl behind the counter if I could get a cup of water.  Honestly, I wasn't sure if McDonald's would A.) hand me a cup to go fill in the toilet myself (an option I was willing to take), B.) attempt to charge me, or C.) they'd just be plan ole sweet and hand me an iced water.

Thankfully, it turned out they kindly did option C.  Oh, water, glorious water! 
(BTW, did you ever read the book "The Search for Delicious" when you were a kid?  In it, the main character is tasked with defining the word "delicious" for a fictional king's dictionary; in the end, they define "delicious" as water.  This evening, I couldn't have agreed more!)

Say what you will about the Evil Empire of McDonald's, with that cold cup of (free) water, they earned my eternal gratitude.  I will worship at the base of the golden arches for the rest of my days because of such a gift.

So, I made it the last mile home and vowed, as I have many times before when I've made such a mistake, that I'll never leave home without water again!


Amy said...

Oh I can't imagine. I did 6 miles today and drank all of my water and wished I had more. Good thing there was a mickey-d's to help you out.

Erin said...

I am pretty sure my current training plan has me running less than a mile and I already worry about spontaneous combustion. Give this rookie pointers next time you see her. And...how do you carry a house key? My sweaty hand is over it.

James said...

I'm glad you made it safely home. It's good when you find an employee willing to help you out. In my neck of the woods, I doubt that would have happened. Now go get yourself a hydration pack!

Crystal said...

I've never carried water with me on a run, i think i have camel instincts when it comes to being able to go long distances without anything to drink. But i'm special like that ;-)

ajh said...

I just stopped at a church to use their kitchen to have a glass of water. I didn't think they'd mind. I am REALLY bad about carrying water. Starbucks is also really good about giving free iced water.

Lisa said...

Yikes! I've made that same mistake a few times. Not good.

Alison said...

I've definitely stopped at McD's before not just for free water but for the free bathroom. :)

Nobel4Lit said...

Hey, I just realized you are bogging again! Glad to see that you decided to come back, and that you're running. Forgetting water is just something that we assume will go okay... hah!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Been there, done that! I've even stopped at a McD to use the restroom. I figure we're even for all those early years of eating their crap!