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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Happenings

Last week, I got an iPad.  It was a purchase I made with some of my Prof. of the Year funds, and since getting it, I've put it to very professorial use:

There's an app that lets you "dress a princess" -- right up Norah's alley!

Caleb has been practicing his walking: Norah likes to help him, but she usually goes too fast, and often times, Caleb ends up getting dragged behind her.  Here, though, with a little Dad help, they're going the right speed:

And all that walking builds up an appetite.

Was that a sufficient transition?  Hope so: Norah is like most almost-3 year-olds in that meal time is best compared to a hostage negotiation -- we have to coerce her to eat at every meal, and typically, she takes about 2-3 bites of any given meal and then declares that she's "done."  But, with her favorite meal, we need no bribery and there's no "eat 2 more bites" from us.  So, what's her favorite meal?  Mussels.  Yeah, you heard that right.  Mussels.  She loves 'em.  And, yesterday, she beat her old record and ate 23! 

And the only reason she quit at that number was because we ran out.  What a strange kid, right?  She'll barely eat a chicken nugget, but she'll eat mussels like they're candy.

Caleb hasn't tried mussels yet (we had been told to hold off on shellfish for kids until they're 2, but then we just read something that said you could try it anytime after 1 -- so, maybe he can have some next time), but he loves getting the buttered noodles.  But, goodness gracious, is it a MESS to clean up!

Lastly of note, Jerry decided to try his hand at creative birthday cake construction this weekend.  It's his sister's b-day on Wed and she's coming down to visit us tomorrow.  She'd requested a Barbie cake; this is what he managed to manufacture:
I think it's pretty impressive, don't you?  It was his first time working with fondant -- and Barbie -- and considering that, I think it sure turned out awesome!  Granted, Barbie's a bit crooked in there, but let's just assume she's lounging in her birthday ballgown.

As for me, I've been streaking.

Running streaking, that is.  Today is day #14.  More on that later this week -- I've got a mileage plan up my sleeve -- and I'll share more on that in a few days.  So, hold onto to your hats.


Lee said...

That's too funny about Norah's love of mussels. Although, I love them too so I totally get it.

Lisa said...

What's REALLY funny to me is that my daughter loves mussels and has from a young age too! She won't eat things with cheese though, because "that's gross."

Go Norah! Eat those mussels! :-)

And this summer (older and more adventurous with her eating at age 18) she discovered that she likes eel and octopus too. Go figure.

Erin said...

Several thoughts here:

1) Call me for those mussels
2) Caleb and walking is easier than Mason and walking (call me again)
3) BARBIE-need I say more, call me.
4) Call me in the future, I am working on the running to keep pace with you.

Erika . . . with a K said...

I actually just had mussels for the first time on Friday - ummm, so yummy! That cake is very impressive! Nice streak... I am on day 2 of resting, as I hurt my lower back/butt area on my Saturday run. I am dying to get back out there (I hate rest days).

Tiffany said...

My 4 year old's favorite meal is mussels as well! I am very impressed with Jerry's cake decorating abilities. Now my 4 year old will be requesting a barbi cake as well.

fancy nancy said...

That cake is very impressive!!! Go Norah! I wish my nugget would eat something!! Congrats on the streak!

heathermareed said...

i think that's a GREAT job for Jer! what an amazing big brother he is :)

Agate Lake Girl said...

So I need two things: the name of the app (Rylee would love that too) and to sign Jerry up to make Rylee's birthday cake - impressive indeed! :)