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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blankies and Binkies

Norah has Bo-Bo, her stuffed pink bear, and it seems that Caleb has adopted his blue blanket as his cuddle object. 

This evening, he was getting very sleepy, and his blankie was frustratingly still inside his crib from this morning:

Once he managed to pull it out (with a little help from Mom), he was a happier boy. 

Isn't that just the sweetest?

And, yeah, he's got some pink pacifiers.  No, they're not hand-me-downs from Norah (we're not that cruel; we do buy the boy his own "nooks" -- as we call them); see, he only likes one specific brand of Playtex Binkies, and for awhile, the only ones we could find were at Walgreens, and they seemed to only stock pink ones.  More recently, I ordered a few packages worth of blue ones via Amazon, but he still seems to favor the pink ones.

Whatevs.  It doesn't matter to us if he's sucking on a pink one or a blue one; he doesn't have a whole lotta Dude Credit when he's snuggling his blankie on the floor -- no matter the color of his nook.

Do your kids have favorite cuddle objects or "lovies"?  I know when I was a baby, I had my Big Kitty -- ugliest stuffed cat you've ever seen in your life -- but I hugged and snuggled the bejesus out of that thing until it had no stuffing left in its neck. 

Still no neck stuffing.  And, yes, I still have it.  No, I don't snuggle it anymore. 

That's what Jer-Bears are for.


Jessica said...

All of my kids have their own blankets they "need" to have to sleep. My girls are thumbsuckers and my little boy has his "bink". He may have that forever since his sisters suck their thumbs! :)

Lee said...

I still have a blanket that I need to sleep with. It has tigers on it and it is awesome.

Erika . . . with a K said...

My daughter is 7 and still sleeps with a stuffed gund bear I got at my baby shower. His name is Fred and he's really bald now, with stains and a floppy neck. Ive sewn him back up a few times! I think it's still adorable! I love that your little boys prefers the pink pacis.... Hes so cute!

Erin said...

Miller is complex. He is a thumb sucker (working on ixnaying this), started with one "Blue" (a blue plush dog) which prompted me to buy a "Backup Blue" for emergencies. Eventually he caught on there were two and they are loved at the same time. He proceeded to have an "Oso" (polar bear at school) and his snuggies (blankets).

Mason is the opposite. He is a pacifier lover at night time and by the way, only one novelty pacifier will do. It's "Bad Ass" for those that haven't seen it. If we ever lose it, we are screwed. He has two stuffed animals in his crib but he's not attached yet. No blankies yet either. I assume this will change but for now, he's less work in the bedtime, lovies department.

Carolina John said...

Oh yes, our first has a monkey called "Numma" that she's been attached to since birth. The second also went with a blanket called "Blankie". We've left blankie at grandma's before and had to get it fedexed overnight from SC so she could get to sleep. it is disturbing.

Agate Lake Girl said...

Rylee has her "chew blankies" that Gaga makes. Since she chews them we have like 20 so they can get washed after each use!

I had one "tickle blankie" when I was growing up. It got left at a hotel once and my mom had to drive 5 hours to go back and get it! It also caught on fire from a bottle rocket (long story) so my mom had to cut off part of it. I still have what's left of it in my cedar chest. :)

Robyn said...

The 3 yo has "blue baby" and "doggie baby" (little blanket/animal loveys). Sometimes they go missing, then we tell him, "The babies have gone camping." He seems to be cool with it, and then is delighted when they return from camping (once, for several months under his brother's bed!)

Alice said...

Neither of my kids need one particular thing to sleep as they both are finger suckers who shot their nookies across the room from day one.
And I too still have piggy my stuffed pig. He lives on a shelf in the nursery! And even without street cred, your little guy is so cute with his blanket.