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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tamarac Turkey Trot 5K 2008 Race Report

While I was bright and shiny for this morning's Turkey Trot -- -- I had to coax this smile out of Jerry:
He was a little less than excited to get out of bed before 7 am on Thanksgiving in order to go run, so I had to be enthusiastic for the both of us.

It was a good morning for the Trot -- nice and cool -- and the crowds were ready for the morning's race. I think this race gets more popular each year, and this year there were about 2,000+ runners. Maybe more. Still no start mats at the beginning, but you know, it seems to be standard practice at these 5Ks to issue timing chips but not have start mats -- whatever.
So, the gun went off at 7:30 and we were off! It was incredibly crowded the entire race, but especially so in the first mile, and it didn't really thin out until the 3rd mile; still, we were able to keep a sub-10:00/mile pace which is what Jerry wanted. His primary goal was just to run the entire thing, his secondary goal was to finish under 33 minutes, and his tertiary goal was to finish under 30 minutes. He met his first two, and only missed the 3rd by a few seconds. Here are the splits:

1: 9:52
2: 9:27
3: 9:14
.17: 1:27

Total Race Time: 30:02

Here's Jerry after the finish:
I think he could have done the sub-30, and when I asked him in the last 10th if he wanted to push hard to the finish, he was pretty tired, and simply said, "no." Of course, afterward, I think he wished he would have, but he still ran an excellent first 5K, and I'm really proud of him. He's being blase about it, but I think secretly, he's proud of himself as well.

Now, we have food to make for Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon, there's the parade, the dog show and football to watch, and later there will be dinner, drinks and good times to be had, so I should be off so I can enjoy all of it.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving Day! Peace out.


Erin said...

Congrats you two! Ryan and I both Wii Fit this morning...not quite a 5K but it's progress for us both.

Can't wait to eat turkey and socialize. See you this afternoon.

Marlene said...

Big congrats to Jerry on his first race and a great time - congrats to you too, of course.

Go enjoy your day, and Happy Thanksgiving!

AKA Alice said...

Great way to start the day! Congrats to Jerry. I agree. He looks secretly proud of himself as well.

AKA Alice said...

oh...and congrats to you as well.

Happy Thanksgiving

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Great job. Special congrats to Jerry on his first 5K

Happy Thanksgiving.

Marci said...

Congratulations to Jerry (and you as well), and a happy Thanksgiving to you both!

Sara said...

That is an amazing first 5k!! He should be proud of himself!

Enjoy a great Thanksgiving! Be thankful you are not at work like me (I'm Cdn)!!

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the 5K and congrats to Jerry on his first race.
I have to admit I'm jealous of your shirt and shorts - I was a little more bundled up this morning.

Kelly said...

Congrats to the boy on his first 5k.

I would have LOVED to do a thanksgiving day run this morning, but there aren't any around here. That's lame.

Wes said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Jess!!

X-Country2 said...

Congrats to Jerry! Hopefully he gets bit by the race bug.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kevin said...

Great job Jerry on your first 5K!

Have a great Thanksgiving

X-Country2 said...

I already commented about your race, but my potential FL race in January is actually in Mobile, AL. I'll be staying in Pensacola, so it's less than an hour away. I'd love to do Disney some day. I heard it's awesome.

Jess said...

Congrats to both of you on a great race! Sounds like it was lots of fun1

kelsalynn said...

Great job! I love those shorts you're wearing! Super cute. I'm not a big fan of "pastels" but that's all I can ever find when it comes to woman's sportswear!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Marcy said...

YAY! CONGRATS to you and Jerry! You've got that leash on tight if you were able to get him to run a 5k ;-) Great job guys!

Jarrett said...

What the deuce? Short legs and sleeves on a Thanksgiving Day race?

Did I mention that it was 26 at the start of the race here in Indy, and that I wasn't even close to warm until mile 2.

I need to move to a warmer climate. :-)

Ted said...

Congrats to both of you for completing the Turkey Trot. Its unbelievable to see you in short and short sleeve shirt. Please FedEx those warm air to NJ.

J~Mom said...

Congrats to both of you!! That is an awesome time for Jerry!

MCM Mama said...

Good job Jerry! Major congrats on your first 5k!

Hope you both had a happy Thanksgiving!

Carolina John said...

Go Jerry! what a good first 5k. My first was about 38 mins many years ago. Sounds like you had fun too!

good luck getting the to-do list done. it's going to be a hectic couple of weeks/

Viv said...

You looked great on your anniversary night! The wallet is fab!!If it is Arrested Development, I need to get to renting those shows.

Congrats to you the pacer/cheerleader & Jerry for an fantastic first 5K! Man, and almost sub30, he would have had it if not for the crowds.
Great Job!
I hope you guys enjoyed the rest of your Thanksgiving!

Laurel said...

Great job on the race!!! Go Jerry!

I was just looking at the race pictures and it was next to the bowling pic on your page. Damn! Jerry has lost a couple of pounds this past year huh? Looking good J!

So did you like racing with him?

Betsy said...

Congratulations to Jerry on his first 5K!