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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Locked Out

This morning, Jerry and I had plans to go shopping (gettin' started on those x-mas lists!) and have lunch together. Before we left, Jerry took Scooter for a walk, and I took the garbage out. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that as I went out the door that Jerry had locked it on his way out with Scooter, so I shut it behind me, and when I got back from the garbage, I realized I had locked myself out. Praying that Jerry had his keys, I met he and Scooter on their walk. No dice.

He was without keys, but thankfully had his phone.

After calling friends, who got us a locksmith number, we went back to the house to wait for the locksmith to arrive. As we waited, Jerry decided to see if he could McGyver his way into the house, and he did manage to pop the screen off the kitchen window, and open the window from the outside. The only tricky part?

The window is about 5 feet off the ground, above a hedge that is about 2 feet wide. So, guess who got hoisted up over the hedge and through the kitchen window?

That's right. Moi.

I've been hoisted through many a window in my time, so I'm no rookie at this; by now, I'm like a ninja at getting into both locked houses and locked cars.

So, I got in through the window and unlocked the front door, we cancelled the locksmith and saved ourselves some cash. But, man oh man, was Jerry peeved. First of all, he was peeved that I had locked us out. Secondly, he was peeved that I had clearly opened the kitchen window at some point and had not locked it when I had re-shut it, so despite the fact that my oversight was our ticket back inside the locked house, he was pissed off that our entrance could be duplicated by ne'er-do-wells just because I am absent-minded about checking locks. Lastly, it wasn't easy for him to remain calm while we were locked out because Scooter thinks it's a grand time to be outside and he's acting like a maniac, and me? Well, I'm a laugher. So I think it's kinda funny that we got locked out, and Jerry could absolutely not see the humor in the situation.

Also, once I unlocked the front door for he and Scooter, I said to him: "Oh! I bet you were nervous I would step in the kitchen sink [sink is directly in front of the window], weren't you?" He just gave me a weary smile and nodded that, yes, he had thought I might do that. "Well," I told him, "you can rest assured that I stepped only on the counter; I did not stand in the sink!"

*Someday, I may have to relate the background to his well-based paranoia about me standing in the sink, but for now, this narrative is already getting lengthy.*

In the end, all was well and we went to lunch and got some shopping done. And we made sure to finally utilize our "key hiders" that we've had sitting around for about a year.

And in other news, tomorrow I race! I don't have too much to say except that I fear it will be very warm tomorrow morning. Today it was in the high 80s (car said 91 when we got in after shopping, but I think that thermometer is always a little high), and tomorrow it promises to be nearly the same: hot and humid. But I still have high hopes that it will be a good race, and I'm pulling for a new HM PR.

But even if I don't get it, I still plan on one more HM for the year, so I do have one more chance to break my own record. So, wish me luck for tomorrow morning, and I will be back then to report on the race!

Check ya later, homies!


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I think I'm with you...reading this I was laughing..I'd probably be laughing if it happened to me too. :-)

Good luck tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Ok homie- whose forecast are you watching? Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 71! It's gonna be freezin' tomorrow morning

Marlene said...

I also had a chuckle...and I do hope you'll share the sink story some time.

Good luck tomorrow! Go get that PR!

Jamoosh said...

I feel a PR on the horizon. Shall it be tomorrow? Good luck!

Shoe Running said...

I'm with ya on laughing my way through annoying situations like that :) I think it is a good way to deal with things - I mean, it is annoying, but getting mad doesn't help, right?

Way to go saving some cash on the locksmith! Sounds like a fun adventure.

Erin said...

I keep telling Ryan we need to give you guys a key for our house and you give us one of yours. Lesson learned?

MCM Mama said...

Beer Geek would have been as irritated as Jerry. I would have been laughing (see my post about nearly being locked out after the mcm). Glad you got in and all is well. Good luck on your race tomorrow.

Shannon said...

You can't leave us hanging - what are his sink standing fears?

MN Mom said...

Getting locked out sucks! It has happened to me in the car and house many times. I never learn. Down here at least the house can't get locked, it's a dead-bolt.

Laurel said...

Well, I'm glad you guys got back into the house even if it meant you getting in even more trouble.

Good luck tomorrow!!! Can't wait to read the report.

X-Country2 said...

Good luck tomorrow!

I'd be laughing at the situation too while the husband stewed. Come on dude, it's funny.

sRod said...

Curious about the sink thing.

I think, though, I would be in Jer's boat if I were in the same situation. A quick laugh and then get pissed aobut being stuck outside.

thebets said...

Man...that's quite a story! I'm glad you made it back in the house without having to use that locksmith! Happy running today in your HM!

Viv said...

I should have not been laughing but I could almost picture you being hoisted(learned a new word today) through the window. LOL Hope the race went swaesome!

teacherwoman said...

LOL. Sounds like quite an experience!

MarathonRandy said...

When the demand gets high enough I'll have to tell the story about being locked out after my ex and I got into the hot tub on the back porch one night, that was interesting.

Betsy said...

Sister, I've been there. See?