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Sunday, November 05, 2006


I did the 13! That's a half marathon, baby, YEAH!

Some notes on the journey:
  • It rained on me between miles 2 and 3, and even though it was a brief rain, I got soaked. Thankfully, the shorts I was wearing dried out easily and the rain was nice and cool, so I didn't really mind.
  • I did not wear my fuel belt; instead, I brought along a few dollars in my tiny shorts pocket and bought some water from a gas station. It was easier than dealing with that darn fuel belt (I have delayed getting used to it).
  • I walked some while I drank my water; and later in the last mile, I walked a little bit as well; otherwise, it was all running.
  • The last three miles were long. 13 miles is far.
  • Lastly, I think I've unlocked the secret to my nausea: I believe Gatorade to be the culprit. Every time I drink Gatorade before or after a long run, I throw up, but when I stick to water and then have a big glass of OJ when I get home, I seem to be fine. I suppose I should experiment with some other kind of replacement drink, but I'm reluctant to re-enter the world of post-run-barfing.
  • I'm gonna be sore tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

WAHOOO!!! congrats on the 13! and finding the culprit to you nausea

Erin said...

Good job Jess! That is awesome. You failed to mention you ran against hurricane strength winds yesterday :)

Have a good week and good job on not puking!

Anonymous said...


the whole fuel belt thing does take some getting used to. if i had my way, i'd have people run with me who carry my bottles for me.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Nice job. It sounds like you had a great run, despite the elements. Hope you're recovering nicely.

JustJunebug said...

wowza!! you go girl!!!