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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


My 5 miles yesterday was like running with tree trunks for legs. I didn't think I was still stiff from Sunday's 13, but apparently I was. After the first mile, I loosened up and it wasn't so bad, but I felt like Frankenstein's monster lurching through that first mile.

This morning I was studying my schedule and realized I had been looking ahead of where I actually am, and I didn't have to do 5 yesterday, it was supposed to be 3. The good news is that I only have 7 tonight instead of 8; somehow that one mile makes a difference. I'm sore again this morning and my toe next to the big toe (I don't know its technical term -- second in command? index toe?) is sore around the nail. I hope I don't develop another black toenail.

I'll try to drink plenty of fluids and do some stretching today so I can feel more comfortable during my evening run tonight: You can't go too fast running like C3PO.


Anonymous said...

i swear to bob you are the most consistent runner ever.

JustJunebug said...

maybe since you did 2 over last night you should do maybe 5 or 6 tonight? im just sayin.

i usually do a 3 before and after the longer runs. i know you just looked at it wrong and i have done that but i might be likely to compensate for the longer run last night!

Ryan said...

Yeah, you are getting real damn consistent with your running. I think you have ran more miles that I have consumed alcoholic beverages this week. Now thats really saying something