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Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Countdown

7 days until Thanksgiving -- I get to trot a 5K that is literally right out my front door; I love this race! I get to eat lots of delicious turkey! And we get to decorate for Christmas! I love the holiday season.

8 days until we leave for the Bahamas -- We leave next Friday for a short cruise to the Bahamas and back. My husband and I are celebrating our one year anniversary, so we're indulging in this mini-vacation. We are looking forward to the promised chance to relax.

19 school days left in the semester -- This term has left me worn out and bedraggled. I'm sick of looking at some of my students (especially the ones who wander in late with nothing -- not even a pencil -- with them).

30 days until we leave for MN -- We're going home to visit our family and friends and we're going to be gone for two whole weeks. It's gonna be busy because we have so many people to visit, but it's gonna be nice to see everyone. Most people we haven't seen for a year.

39 days until Christmas -- Speaks for itself. I hope Santa brings me either a Garmin Forerunner or a new Coach bag! (hint, hint, Santa)

52 days until the Disney Marathon -- Mickey, here I come!


Erin said...

Pretty good countdown you have going. That darn Turkey Trot. Part of me still wants to try it but after my last 5K attempt without any training...the thought of raw thighs and a body that can't move for a week doesn't appeal to me. You never know, I might surprise you. Oh, my countdown is 8 days until the Scooter dog comes to visit.

Jess said...

Erin: I figured you were out for the Turkey Trot; that's okay, you have a feast to prepare.

Scooter is getting excited to be your house-guest; we have been prepping him with excessive water and laxatives, so lookout: he'll be explosive!

Firefly's Running said...

Jess, you are coming to neck of the woods. HOW COOL! I hope you get time to visit....maybe a little retail therapy at MOA. :D

teacherwoman said...

Oh, how I love the holidays..mostly about spending time with family and friends ...and the food. Who gives a rip about the gifts...unless it is of food and wine!?!

Jess said...

Firefly: I would like to actually meet a fellow RBFer, but I can't guarantee anything -- like i mentioned, schedule is tight and the captain of the trip, my husband, is rather rigid about deviation. But I will contact you as the dates get closer and see if we can figure out a meeting. The best thing to do would be a run! I'll be tapering then and I'm so not used to running in the cold; plus, I won't know where to run! Can you run in the MOA?

miss petite america said...