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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Save the Freezing Floridians!

Look at this freezing Floridian! The poor woman doesn't even have a coat (why? I don't know -- does she not own one? did she not turn on the news before heading out? does she not know what 40 degrees means?) These people are not meant to handle such cold weather: It numbs the body and the brain.

And me? Well, even though I grew up in CO and lived in MN for 8 years, these temps come as a shock to the system. It was in the 40s this morning, and for South Florida, that basically means hell has indeed frozen over.

This morning I actually got up early and ran before work (a round of applause, please), but I had to scrounge up some ugly looking running clothes for it: old yoga capris that are a little loose, a t-shirt and an old sweatshirt). People, I have become accustomed to shorts, sports bra, socks, shoes; it's that simple. Part way through the run, I shed the sweatshirt and tied it around my waist, but it sucks running in all those clothes -- I felt bogged down.

Temps are supposed to remain chilly tomorrow and Thursday and then warm back up on Friday, but that poses an interesting dilemma for Thursday's Turkey Trot: what do I wear? I may need to pop into Target and get some kind of running pant/capris and a long-sleeved shirt. Or, should I just go in shorts and t-shirt and count on the fact that I'll get warm during the trotting?


Firefly's Running said...

Oh come on! We are WARMER than what you are at. In fact, it will be record-breaking. :D

JustJunebug said...

here is what i do here in Houston. if its 50 or below and its to be a short race (10K or shorter) then a THIN long sleeve top (target has these yoga tops that are PERFECT!) and shorts. you might put a ballcap on to keep the heat from escaping through your noggin!

anything over 50 and a long run (over 10K), i am in no sleeves and shorts/skirt.

Yeah its cold when you start but that wont last long! GO GET EM!!

miss petite america said...

once you get some good technical cold weather clothes, you won't feel so weighed down.

JustJunebug said...

oh and jess if its to be below 40 then i wear a heavier tech type long sleeve, but any long sleeve will do, the tighter the better with a singlet underneath.

i would still wear shorts unless its like 30!!! i also just bought one of those things like a headband that goes over your ears from the running store...

i saw on Today show that Orlando had FLURRIES!!

Jess said...

I could see my breath this morning when I walked the dog; this weather is unprecendeted! I might have to turn our heat on!

Thanks for the clothing advice Junebug; I took the day off today, so I think I'll stop by the running store and get a few cold weather running items. I'll need them in MN at x-mas anyway.

runner26 said...

surprising that it got so cold there--we seem to have pretty moderate temps in ny. But yeah--pick up a few techie long sleeve shirts, and maybe some capri tights. That should do it. Good luck with the race!