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Friday, June 23, 2006

Thursday Night Fever

Another Thursday night, another night of league. Last night I treid to be good and stay away from the beer in order to both bowl better and to not drink so much, but after my first game (where I drank nothing but water -- the new "Smart Water," which I might have to write a post about), and I didn't see any real difference between a beer score and and a non-beer score, so I went ahead and bought a pitcher.

The beer didn't necessarily help what was already a poor evening for me. We're not sure how our team did overall for the night because one player was subsituting for another and her average and her handicap aren't established, so we might have won one or two of the games; we'll have to see next week. But it's disappointing to do poorly after we were so awesome last year.

Our team shirts will arrive soon and once we have those, the magic will return.

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