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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bruised and Battered

After the fall last night (read below for full coverage of the story), I woke up this morning a little stiff and definitely sore. My left shoulder is scraped and bruised and my left knee looks like I applied a brillo pad to it. And on my left cheek, there is a little red scrape, but thankfully no bruise (I didn't want to be forced to explain to my students today that my husband does not abuse me).

This morning my thoughtful (and physically non-abusive) husband mused before going to work: "You know, I was thinking about something this morning." I asked what he'd been contemplating. "Well," he said, "it occured to me that I was the only one in our family who didn't lay down in that puddle yesterday." He was referring to our after-dinner walk with the dog when we'd gone right by the same puddle I would later land a face plant in and where, incidentally, Scooter wanted to lay down and splash about in. "Ha, ha," I told him. He's such a joker.

I think I will conduct my cross training in the gym today -- seems less likely that I will fall face first into a puddle there. Plus, no asphalt to be wary of -- just that tricky treadmill.


Firefly's Running said...

Good idea on the cross-training today. A lot safer for you.

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...


Nicole said...

Good plan for the crossing training.
by the way I have a dog named Scooter as well - he doesn't like water though.

Anonymous said...

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