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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Something There is That I Love about Bottled Water

I don't have a logical reason for loving bottled water; I am sensible enough to know that my tap water probably tastes pretty much like bottled water, yet I wouldn't know because I never drink it (but must have a sense of its taste since I brush my teeth with it). My affair with bottled water began several years ago when I lived in a house whose water came from a well, and it was the sort of "hard" water that was chock full of minerals and was literally the color of rust from the tap. It was the sort of water that was undrinkable, and so I began to buy bottled water. Ever since, I have consumed bottled water.

I know it might seem wasteful, considering how tap water is already purified and cheap, but drinking bottled water is a habit I cannot break. So, my favorite bottled water? (Yes, they taste different -- don't mock me.) Fiji water. Something about the bottle itself is what attracts me; I am a sucker for pretty packaging. I like the square shape and the blue cap, and pretty tropical landscape depicted on the label -- makes me feel like I'm in Fiji (a place my stepmother, the only person I know who's ever been to Fiji, swears is heaven on earth). It also so happens that Fiji water is one of the more expensive brands of water, a fact that does not escape my husband. He accuses me of being snobbish about certain things, and I suspect that he thinks I purposely seek out the most expensive products. Because of its price, I rarely buy Fiji water; in fact, I usually only buy it when I go to the bookstore; I figure it's part of my treat and part of the experience of being in the bookstore (a sort of heaven on earth for me).

Yesterday when I was at the bookstore (buying a copy of "Pride and Predujice" -- I just watched the new movie version and loved it so much I wanted to re-read the book, and when I got home I realized I already had a copy, probably the same copy I read when I read the book the first time, but it's okay; my new copy is very pretty and I am remembering how much I loved the book the first time around), I got a bottle of Fiji water, and not just the half liter; no, I splurged and bought the full liter. I, of course, re-fill water bottles from the large bottle in the fridge until I deem the bottle grody or probably grody, and I always recycle; I'm not that wasteful. I know that refilling it with generic bottled water doesn't mean I'm drinking Fiji water with the second or third refill, but it makes me feel like I am, and that feels special.


Liz said...

Fiji is also my favorite...because of the square bottle! :)
When we stay at hotels they often have them in the room for a meer $4.00 if you choose to drink it. I am also so tempted...but instead go to the vending machine and buy one for $1.25.

I had Dansani...it takes weird...

Liz said...

That was supposed to be HATE dasani...

Nicole said...

I also love bottled water - Fiji used to be my favorite but now I love Ethos - plus money goes to charity for buying it.
Pride and Prejudice is great as well. but, have you seen the a&e version? Much longer but I think much better than the new one.

Scooter said...

I don't think I've ever had Fiji water. The idea of bring water halfway around the world seems dumb to me. I do understand your bottle affinity and agree that different waters taste differently. My favorite is Poland Spring, a northeastern brand, but I have no issue with tap when that's what's around.

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runnergirl said...

I'm with you on the bottled water! I prefer it over tap water, even though I am probably wasting money.

Pride & Prejiduce is an awesome book, but I haven't seen any of the movies.