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Monday, June 19, 2006


I got an email yesterday announcing that my high school class is arranging a 10 year reunion for Labor Day weekend. I was kinda excited since previously nothing had been said or done about a reunion, but on the other hand I hesitate. Last summer on my blog I spoke of the anticipation that my 10 year reunion was approaching and I made a list of some things I wanted to accomplish before that reunion. This was the post from last August discussing the possibility for a reunion:

I partially want to go for these reasons: I would like to tell people that I am married (or will be by then), that I own a house, that I managed to harass my instructor's into giving me a master's degree, that I have run a marathon, that I am a drummer in a band, and that I have also published a book.

Why I don't want to go: I have not actually accomplished the last three things on that list. The drumming thing should take action any time now. I just need to get some rhythm, a drum kit and some lessons, then I'm all primed to be a rock star. So, that one is easy. Publishing a book? Hmmmm, well I've tried my hand at that, and let us just note that it hasn't yet happened, but I am working on a new project, so you never know. However, the possibility that I could have a book in print a year from now is slim, but I might be able to say "I have a book coming out in blah, blah, blah." That would be satisfactory.

Now, we come to the running. We know I'm working on that one, but it's slow going. I plan to run a 5K in a few weeks, and my goal is to run Miami's half marathon in January. Will a full marathon be a possibility by next summer? Possible. It's just so mentally intimidating; I mean, it's so many miles, and even if I were in top shape and were able to run it in excellent pacing, that still means FOUR HOURS of running! My god! Today I ran three miles, and my head nearly popped off. (Seriously, I could feel all the blood in my body coursing through every single vein and the pressure in my head was quite unbelievable -- I looked like a tomato!) And yes, I'll admit that part of my "get in shape" motivation is thinking about that reunion -- which I may or may not be invited to since I did not reveal my whereabouts, and I doubt anyone will be able to track me down (I did not leave any breadcrumbs).

I would love to return all glorious and beautiful. My hope then would be that some of those girls who were mean and catty have gotten fat and their skin has distorted itself so that it is ghastly. And I pray that all those guys on the football team who never asked me out (I don't know why not; I'm perfectly lovable) have also gone to seed.

Yes, my reasons are completely selfish and vain, but what other reason would you have to go to a reunion? To see old friends? Re-live the "good old days"? No thanks. I hardly liked many of those people when I was sixteen, I can't imagine they've become any more interesting. Now, there were some drinking friends in college I'd like to see again: That would be a good time.

Now, let's see, not much has changed over the course of nearly a year. I am married now, I do own a house with my husband, and no one has taken away my graduate degree, but I still have some of the same hesitations. Now I guess I can say I am registered and training for a marathon; otherwise, no, I'm not a drummer in an awesome band (or a drummer at all, for that matter), and there are no book publishing possibilities on the horizon. What have I been doing for the past year?

What do you guys think about attending 10 year class reunions? Fun and interesting? Or silly (since most people haven't really done a lot by the time they're 28 -- most of us spent the majority of that time in college)? Keep in mind I would have to fly, probably rent a car, get a hotel, pay for the reunion costs, etc. Is it worth it if I can't brag about being a rockstar?


pinaypower said...

you have a LOT to brag about, without the whole rockstar thing. i mean who knows what could have happened if the rockstar thing did pan out...you could have met a crazy rock star guy, made friends with paris hilton, and be in rehab right now :)

count your fabulous blessings and show off your exisiting fabulous life :)

Erin said...

As I am in the same situation, I decided to go back for my reunion.

Pros-to laugh at all the people I don't like or were mean to me. See my friends that now live in various states across the US. Drink, drink, and more drink.

Cons-being laughed at by the people that used to laugh at me or be mean to me. Not seeing all my friends cause some can't make it back. Drink, drink, and more drink.

I am still vain enough that I am trying to drop some weight before I go home and will definitely buy some hot new clothes for the trip. I too feel like I don't have much to show in the "excitement" department but I know I am way better off than most of my old classmates. Husband, house, pets, good friends, decent job...

Knowing some of the people I graduated with, you could say you ran a marathon and are training for your second or you could throw some dramatic story in as to why you couldn't compete in your first race last year...you are a creative writer....stretch the truth a little. No one will rat you out.

Oh, and if you decide your college friends were more fun, go back wih me for my reunion since it's in the same town!

Blaine Moore said...

I am looking forward to my reunion (which is still a couple years out) for a few reasons.

First, I get to show off my lovely wife.

Second, I get to see a bunch of people I haven't kept up with. I've only kept in touch with one person from high school and I haven't spoken to him for about year now.

Third, I'm in great shape and don't see any reason why I won't be then. Marathon-wise, I will be on my way to around 11-13 or so completed. I've gotten 7 states out of the way so far.

psbowe said...

Hmmm, I didn't attend my 10 yr high school class reunion b/c of schedule conflicts. I did attend my 5 yr class reunion for college. It was a blast.

I was a bit relieved for not attending HS reunion b/c of some of the reasons Erin mentioned in her comment. My HS best friends couldn't make it, so mostly I wanted to see them.

Nicole said...

Okay I don't know you but you are a way COOL girl! I'm so jealous that you are a drummer. I played the drums once on stage with a band and it was awesome.
I missed mine because I was at a wedding - it was actually just 2 weekends ago. I wanted to know what people were doing but my best friend from high school called me from there and said I missed nothing.
So, I think it could be fun to go but I guess it depends how much you really want to see the people you went to school with. As for me I'm waiting till the 25th I think.

runnergirl said...

My 10 year reunion was a few years agp. I wasn't exactly a joiner in school. But, I did decide to go to my reunion after much debate and some arm twisting. I went with my two closest girlfriends from high school, who just so happen to still be my closest friends. We left the guys at home, so we didn't have to worry entertaining them, and went stag. We had a blast. We drank ourselves silly until 7 am, and then whined about our hang overs for 3 days. It was one of the best times I have ever had. It actually wasn't as fake as you might think. Not one person came up to me to talk to me who wouldn't have talked to me in school. Instead I got to reconnect with old friends that I had lost touch with, but still think about occassionally. (And it was kinda fun to see all the football players balding, and the cheerleaders blimping out.) I'm actaully looking forward to the next one, believe it or not.