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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Yesterday's Run

At the gym yesterday, I couldn't help but notice this guy who was running on the treadmill nearby and he was holding onto the handles for dear life and stumbling along at the fastest speed he could do. It seems somehow inhumane to let him do that, as if I should correct him, and tell him to just slow down and let go of the machine. He wasn't helping himself. But isn't this what the gym staff should be doing?

I have mixed feelings about the gym staff. On the one hand, I would be fearful to have to them come around and correct me on something, mostly because I already feel as though I'm being watched when I work out at the gym. But I also think they should circle around and do more than chat with one another. Because honestly, that's all they seem to do. They scan your ID when you walk in, but beyond that, they group up in areas around the gym and either make fun of us, or they ignore us completely. It's kinda like being in the zoo.

But there is an ad up front that says they are hiring for a variety of positions, and it makes me wonder if perhaps I could do that part-time. I think I would be highly qualified to make fun of other gym members and to talk about them when they're not looking. Hell, I do that half the time anyway -- for free. Plus, if I had the authority the red shirt would bring me, I could tell that runner that he needs to leasrn how to use a treadmill more effectively. Perhaps then I would be like a savior.

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