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Sunday, September 25, 2005


The first step to any addiction is admission, so I admit it, I'm addicted to "Lost." I can't get enough of Jack, Kate, Sawyer (my favorite), Sayid and all the rest of the crew stranded on the strange island. I am a late comer to the show, and only started watching it a couple of weeks ago (bought the first season on DVD and haven't looked back since). I even dream about the island, the hatch, the strange things that go bump in the night there, and have even found myself muttering "4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42." Everyone else with a soul and a TV is also addicted to "Lost" so I know I'm not alone, but while we're all busy discussing the big things in the show: the importance of the numbers, Walt, the hatch, Rousseau, etc, we aren't hitting on something poignant in my mind.

Why haven't we seen a "Lost" diet on the market yet?

Let's think about this logically. All they get to eat is fruits of differing variety (mainly mangoes and bananas), fish, and boar meat. So they have a diet high in protein, they're getting plenty of fiber and carbs from the fruit, yet they're not consuming anything high in fat or anything that has been processed. They have nothing to drink but water, and they have to drink loads of that because of their exercise program: hiking all over the goddamn island.

I think that's what people go to spas for -- on tropical islands!

So far, according to the timeframe of the show, they've been stranded for about six weeks, maybe a little more. My guess is that I would have lost ten pounds by now if I were one of them, and quite frankly, I think I might be jumping for joy. Look at what a paradise this would be for a girl: there's hot guys everywhere you turn, there's a no-cheat diet and exercise plan, plenty of sunbathing available, miles of beautiful beaches, and no worries about money. Sure, there is something unnameable lurking in the jungle and now they have to deal with crazies on the other side of the island who insist on stealing members, but otherwise, I think I'm the first one to admit I would like to be a survivor of Flight 815 stranded on this strange island.

No more treadmill, no more struggling to drive past Taco Bell without stopping. I think those castaways have it made!

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