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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Mind Magic

I think I might have actual mental powers. What those exact powers are, I can't be sure of, but it seems lately that what I think or do, or say related to this blog somehow comes to fruition, but strangest of all is how some ideas and concepts are popping up in print. For example, yesterday I received the new "Runner's World" in the mail and guess what one of the articles featured? Blogs about running! No, not my blog, but it discussed how popular running blogs are becoming and how you can start your own, and how it can help you train, etc. That isn't really a remarkable example, but the next one is.

I was browsing through a fitness magazine at the gas station yesterday and there was just a brief blip about that treadmill class I thought of! (Which of course indicates that I was not in fact the first person to think of it, but I still consider it my thought.) It just mentioned essentially what I had said about the relationship between a stationary bike and a treadmill and how some gym in New York (my location predictor was right on) is offereing a running class. I forget what they were labeling it.

And lastly, but perhaps most important to me, I was writing yesterday bout poopy scales and how I never lose any weight. Well, this morning when I got up and weighed myself, I was two pounds less! Poof! I always weigh myself in the morning, so no, it's not about weighing myself before I've eaten to had a drink of water. That's the time of day I always check in (even though I also check in on other scales whenever I encounter them -- they vary only slightly). But two pounds felt like a miracle to me. Maybe it just took months for me to lose those pounds, and they suddenly just dropped off the planet. This is good; I hope they stay lost. I don't want to find them again.

So, I will now take this opportunity to ask for some money. I'm not really pleading for much, but the sudden appearance of, oh, say $1,000 would greatly please me. So, dear god of the blog, please let me find some bills! It would be greatly appreciated, and I would praise you on my blog.

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