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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Look At Me!

Well, would you look at this! I figured out how to add pictures! Turns out, it wasn't that hard, and all this time I thought it was rocket science or something to upload a picture, but it turns out it's just as easy as attaching them to email. I feel a little bit like a genius. ( I have the sudden sneaking suspicion I might also be able to unlock the energy crisis if I think long enough on it.)

Anyway, this is not a great picture since my shadow is looming on the wall behind me, but it's the only digital picture I have right now of just me. Obviously, I am hard at work here applying some putty to an unfinished wall (thankfully that wall is now a finished product and looks quite lovely), but I consider the remodeling my husband-to-be and I are doing to be part of my weekly workouts since ripping up carpet, scraping off wallpaper, applying putty such as this, and sanding that putty make for hard physical work. After some days of work like this, I don't really feel that I need a run.

Tomorrow I'll have to play around with pictures a bit more to spice up my blog and make it look pretty. I've been looking at other running blogs and mine seems to be seriously lacking. For one thing, it appears that I am way behind on the athlete business, as some of these bloggers are running everywhere short of completely around the world. And for another thing, some of them have much more interesting blogs. I wouldn't dare tell you who or where to find them because I don't want to lose the few devoted readers I have. So I must work to make my blog just as lovely and it looks like I'm going to have to start running a little harder and a little further; nothing helps motivate a runner like competition.

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