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Friday, September 23, 2005

Power Bar versus Snickers: The Showdown

I put a Power Bar in the refrigerator yesterday thinking that it would be like putting a candy bar in there. That way, when I eat it, the chocolate won't be so messy; however, it seems that the rules that apply to candy bars in the fridge do not apply to Power Bars in the fridge. It's like a rock! I tried gnawing off a few pieces but I'm a little frightened that I might break a tooth. I set it on the desk and am waiting for it to thaw.

I don't know why I eat these Power Bars; well, actually I do know why, but the reason makes me feel idiotic. You see, I know I eat them because I believe they are nutritious and they are chocolatey, so I think I can actually get my chocolate and vitamins in one miraculous product. However, deep down I know that the line between a Power Bar and a candy bar is a thin one.

I compared wrappers one day to a Snickers, and what I discovered wasn't all that shocking. Essentially, the two bars share a similiar amount of calories (regular size Snickers actually has fewer), similiar amount of carbs, and almost identical amounts of protein (think peanuts in in your Snickers). The only major difference is that a Power Bar has measurable amounts of fiber. So why am I not munching on a Snickers instead? Perception. It's all about perception.

To me, and probably to many other runners, a Snickers is bad, but a Power Bar is good, and really it's all about the wrapper and the marketing. A Snickers is found in a vending machine, which we all know is full of junk. But a Power Bar, that's actually found in the health food section of the grocery store. Must be healthy. In the end, they're the same. In fact, Snickers even makes a "Power Bar" now. I think they might have just slapped a different wrapper on the same product.


stonelifter said...

ah you are learning grasshopper.it is nice to see someone do a little observation instead of just taking the marketing at face value

Kay said...

I've got to agree with Stone. Technically, I suppose the only difference between a Snickers and a Powerbar is all in our heads, but at least you realize that.

(I've been lurking for a while. Reading, just not posting. Sorry.)

My word verification just said cfatty to me. I think I shall have to go to the gym today.

Jon Schmidt said...

You should try the Raw Edge bars. You can find them at www.theexpandedpantry,net. They beat virtually any other so called nutrition bar out of the water.