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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


My progress as of late feels slow. I know I haven't really been dedicated to running for that long, but it seems like I should be making more progress than I am. Some days a 3 mile run feels good and easy (Sunday's run). But other days (yesterday and Monday, for example), I struggle to complete a mile and a half. What's up with that? Plus, I can't seem to break past that 3 mile road block in my mind and in my body.

It probably doesn't help that I do most of my running on the treadmill, and after 3 miles, it feels as though I've been on there forever. I would step outside more, but it is still hot out there and probably won't significantly cool for another month.

I know too that if I just lost a few pounds (they are very attached to me and don't want to go anywhere -- I can understand, I'm very lovable) it would make the running much easier and I might be better able to pack on the miles.

Motivation low: Feeling crappy about running: Might turn to tub of ice cream for solace.


Kay said...

Do you listen to any music when you run? I plug into the Donnas and that helps get rid of the tediousness of the treadmill a little. You still notice it, but if you get into the music it goes a little faster...

Richard said...

Heat and humidity can be a real PITA, but getting up pre-dawn can rectify that somewhat... and I know for myself I have a really hard time going over 20-30 minutes on a treadmill. Its at least a fivefold difference in boredom/annoyance/discomfort to me compared to running outside, even in the awful weather we've had lately.

As for the three mile block... part of it is just knowing that stopping isn't an option. At least, not an attractive one. Hooking up with a group such as the GFLRRC might help - you could get in on some half marathon training, for example, and have someone else push your distance for you (if that makes any sense).

I started out not being able to run more than a couple of miles, but found that through group training, once it became a "given" that the group (with many beginners) could and would do, say, 4 miles on Saturday, I could do it too. The same with 5 the next week, or whatever. Of course, that would mean losing the treadmill as well.