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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sore Throat Continued

Today, the throat continues to ache and I also have a sniffle now. Still no fever. I can't decide if perhaps this isn't allergies, and I have no way of truly knowing. All I have at my medical disposal is the Internet, and it can only answer questions with varying accuracy. I have a feeling the snot that has unloosed itself is now flowing freely down the back of my throat and that can't be helping its plight.

So, I am now faced with a dilema: To run or not to run. Yesterday, after taking some aspirin, my throat felt pretty good all day, and my run went well yesterday, but I know enough about medicine that aspirin won't decongest my runny nose. But the question isn't truly about today's exercise; it's about tomorrow's. I'm supposed to run a 5K tomorrow, but if I feel like poo, I don't know if I will. I haven't actually paid and registered for the race yet, so I'm not out anything; however, I should make the decision today.

Factors to weigh: If I don't run, I'll feel disappointed because I've been looking forward to this run in the hopes of redeeming my time after the last race's disastrous result. If I do run, but feel like crap, it could result in a crappy run anyway. I could do poorly again and have icky feelings of failure. So, what I really must determine in the course of the day today is what level of poo-ey do I feel? A little like poo? A lot like poo? Somewhere in the middle?

I guess I'll drink plenty of fluids (break out the OJ again), and take some more aspirin and see what the day brings.

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