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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dr Apt and Baby Class

Dr Apt

Everything in the check up was fine:
  • Gained another few lbs: Up 19 lbs overall. Feel like a tanker.
  • Blood pressure is still good: 110/74.
  • Norah's heartbeat was still good and the fundal height measured normal.

The best part about the visit was that just when the doctor was putting the Doppler on my belly to listen to Norah's heart, she gave a mighty kick that both Jerry and the doctor could see. It was as if she could anticipate what was happening, and she was like, "No, I don't want you to listen in on me!" As the doctor commented, "Well, I guess we know what kind of kid she's going to be!"

Baby Class

The classes we're taking are technically labeled "Childbirth Preparation Series" but we just call it baby class, and while some hospitals or community ed offer a convenient one day only class, our hospital does not. So, it's 3 weeks, twice a week, with different focused topics each night.

So, last night was breastfeeding.

The class itself was mostly helpful, and even though I felt well-informed before going to the class (both from what I've read and from hearing about friends' experiences), it helped answer some of my questions about breastfeeding and pumping/storing breast milk. And while it felt a bit like 7th grade health class when we watched a video on breastfeeding, it was ultimately quite valuable to be able to watch exactly how it's done. So, all in all, I think the class was valuable, but there were still some funny tidbits:

  • The instructor, while I'm sure she's a good nurse, is not a good teacher. She spoke in a monotone and rambled off topic frequently, and when people asked questions that only required a simple one sentence answer, she was somehow able to weave in responses that lasted for 10 minutes.
  • Some other people are, for lack of a better word, stupid. They asked questions about stuff that was in the reading materials, or questions about stuff she'd already covered, or questions that the video covered. So, clearly, it's not just my college students who aren't paying attention.
  • There were a lot of people in the class: Jerry and I counted 22 couples. As Jerry remarked, "That's a lot of pregnant women in one room." Yes, and a lot who have to line up for the restroom at the break.
  • I now feel totally good about the food and drink I consume. There was one woman who was sipping on a 20 oz Mountain Dew and eating Doritos at the beginning of class, and I immediately felt zero guilt for the single 6 oz cup of coffee I allow myself every morning.
  • The video we watched showed us what baby poop for a breastfed baby looks like. I was glad I wasn't snacking on anything at the time. Others weren't so lucky.
  • The video also gave some advice that seemed, to Jerry and I, like common sense, but I suppose it has to be reinforced for some people. For instance, did you know you shouldn't drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or do drugs while breastfeeding? Hmmmm, maybe I should stop those activities now, huh?

In our next class, on Monday evening, we get to learn some infant massage and Jerry gets to learn some preggo massage techniques to help during labor. I think he might want to start practicing his massage techniques over the weekend. My lower back could use some rubbing.


d.a.r. said...

It's truly amazing how things that seem like common sense can be absolute rocket science for some people. Every time I freak out about the prospect of being a mother and wrecking my children's lives, I hear stories like this and instantly feel better, ha!

Enjoy your practice massages!

Heather said...

I remember feeling like we were the oldest people in our baby class. And definitely the same way about the snacks . . . didn't feel too guilty when I saw the people chomping on McDonalds and downing giant cokes.

Glad everything was good at the dr appt!

Carolina John said...

The funniest thing we noticed about breastfeeding was the way everything passes through to the baby. if you feel drunk when breastfeeding, the baby will also feel drunk. well, i guess that's not funny. but they say you can drink, then pump and dump to get the next round of clean milk for the baby. kelley just refrained from her lovely wine while she was breastfeeding, and now we're too lazy to drink.

ok, finally the funny part. we eat tons of asparagus with dinner. you know how when you eat asparagus, the next day your pee smells really funny? well after eating and feeding the baby, her diapers would then also smell like asparagus pee. it was quite a surprise!

Jamoosh said...

Really, should we allow stupid people to breed?

Krissy said...

This post is so funny, when my husband and I were in our 1 day baby class we thought the same exact things you and your husband were thinking. I couldn't get over some of the questions I heard being asked and how some women in the class used their pregnancy to be completely lazy about everything - especially their diet & just plain old basic things! It was to the point where they "had" to lie on the floor with a pillow to be comfortable when they were only maybe 5 months preggo...hysterical!

Marlene said...

Good news that you had a another positive check-up with your doc. Too funny that Norah gave a big ol' kick at just the right moment!

Anonymous said...

Jerry will have to start practicing the massage techniques! Enjoy the next 3 weeks of classes. Glad everything is going well on teh medical/health side of things.

AKA Alice said...

I try to be really generous when I'm watching other people teach or present, because I know that it's not an easy task, but I get frustrated with those who give really lengthy answers to questions that only require a short answer...although, I'm probably guilty of that as well :-).

Some of those who weren't paying attention in the childbirth class WERE the same students who don't pay attention in our classes either. It transfers...GAH!

X-Country2 said...

Get that Jerry on the message train!

chia said...

Whatever you do, don't let them put you on one of those pregnancy tables where you put your belly in a hole whilst laying on your stomach. I heard that some schools over there teaching that method but it will really up your chances for hurting little Nora. I just read a lot about preggo massage recently so that just kind of scared me :-(. You're going to love some back rubbie action!!! Great post! Glad everything is going alright :-).

Wes said...

Breastfeeding was my favorite... errr... class that is :-)

RazZDoodle said...

crap. you're going to breastfeed? Now we won't have drunken bowling posts fer awhile, huh?

I remember our baby class. We were one of 3 couples who were married and over the age of 25. The rest were unwed YOUNG mothers. I was just glad none of my students (past or present) were taking the class.

MCM Mama said...

Glad you had a good checkup!

We took a class at a very urban hospital. I think I may have been the only one who actually understood how pregnancy occurs, much less how to take care of oneself and the baby during and after pregnancy.

LOL that seeing baby poop bothered some people. Before too long, you (and they) will be way more comfortable with poop than you ever wanted to be (which is good 'cause at some point in your mothering career, there will come a time when you are washing poop out of their hair. Just sayin')

Anonymous said...

Interesting stories - i now know what I have to look forward too. enjoy the massage.

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like a good baby class!

Erin said...

Attending a baby class will show you why there are stupid people in this world. We had quite a few "idiots" in our class too. I bet a good portion of your class shouldn't have pro-created.

It also validates that even your worst eating habits are nothing compared to the ones in your class. We too had the Big Mac and jumbo soda's in our class. I sipped on water and had a 100 calorie snack pack or crackers. What gets me is the teacher sells chips and stuff during class! Does she still do that?

aron said...

doritos and a 20oz coke? eeek.

P.O.M. said...

It's already been said here, but wow - they really should force people to get a license to breed. ha ha.

I love that Carolina John mentioned asparagus pee. That's my 2nd favorite topic in the world!