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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The highlight of my 8 miler this evening was that I nearly got run over at the intersection that marks my mile 5. A big SUV apparently did not see me and did not see that I had the right of way (little walk sign was clearly glowing in my favor!), and it had to screech to a stop and I had to jump back some. My heart jumped into my throat and I considered throwing my empty water bottle at it, but then decided that was a bad idea. Instead, I settled for the universal gesture of anger and ran on.

True, it was dusk, but I run on major streets that are well-lit and the intersections are especially light, so that SUV had no reason not to see me -- it just wasn't paying attention. Whatever. That's South Florida for ya, I'm taking my life into my hands every time I run down here with these drivers.

Again, I wore the Garmin, so here are the splits:

Mile 1: 10:20
Mile 2: 10:21
Mile 3: 12:00 (I walked some here at the end while I ate my GU and drank some of my water -- I am not talented enough to run and consume my replacements.)
Mile 4: 10:57
Mile 5: 11:12
Mile 6: 11:17
Mile 7: 11:16
Mile 8: 11:01

Total Time: 1:28:27

Not as consistent as Monday's 5, but still pretty consistent. I started out a little too fast; I want to keep my longer runs somewhere in the range of 11 minutes, which is what I settled into around mile 4, so that was good.

As a side note, my second-in-command toe has been feeling bruised lately. It hasn't yet turned black and blue, but I have the familiar feeling that this little toenail may be headed toward a bruise. If it blackens and falls off, it will be the second time I've lost this toenail. Cross your fingers that it doesn't. I've been enjoying having all my toenails as of late.


teacherwoman said...

I have never lost a toenail before.. does it hurt? Yuck.

Well, congrats on the 8 miles... and I am glad to hear you survived your near death accident!! How scary!

Wes said...

Grrrrspirational!!! Way to go, girl!!! That's awesome! I'm glad you didn't ruin the SUV. It certainly deserved it. Lessron :-)

brunettechicagogal said...

MF'ing SUVs! Sounds like Chicago. Seriously, I have stories for you about the numerous times I was almost flattened while running. On a somewhat related note, I'll have to tell you my "fuck you" story sometime.

miss petite america said...

it always seems to be the SUVs that try to kill me too. never some small geo metro or anything.

i'm so not looking forward to my bruised toenail to fall off. i would imagine that i would just feel so weird. though i've heard that they can do wonders at the salon to remedy the unsightliness of it.

J~mom said...

Sounds like Arizona! Glad you didn't throw that bottle! Great job on 8 miles!!!

L*I*S*A said...

Excellent pacing, sistah! You'll be kicking my arse all the way to the finish in ChiTown. :)

Firefly's Running said...

Eeewwwww! That's gross! Great job on the run today.

Amy said...

oooohhhh lost toenails....ickkkkk.

And that SUV? You should have mooned it. What an a-hole

ws said...

I'm usually tempted to take out the mirrors of cars that try to run me down. Sometimes SUVs when I'm on my bicycle, usually Bentleys on Palm Beach. Great run...did the Garmin feel better last night?

Re: your comment - I do have the Garmin set to lap at each mile, but the signal in NYC is really weak and unreliable because of all the buildings...down in FL it does all the work for me, here it thinks I can think and dodge traffic.

Erin said...

Good job Jess! Glad you got out there and did it.

Marcy said...

What's the "universal gesture of anger"? Could you show us? :P KIDDING!

I'm with MPA it always seems that the SUVs are the ones that try and plow you down LOL Interesting . . . .

Good job on that run ;D I hope that toenail stays on for ya LOL

JustJunebug said...

Talk about speedy!!!


RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

I would have probably thrown the water bottle, but wished it was full instead :X Those splits were fantastic! You are really doing a great job with your training!

Mendy said...

I would have thrown the water bottle, then regretted it later. I react before thinking much of the time. I hate rude people, and espeically those that don't care that you are out running, and have the right of way! I see it all the time too, and I live in a small town.

Great job on your 8 miles! That's awesome!