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Friday, August 31, 2007

Dog Days

That term dates back to ancient Rome, when Romans believed that the dog star, Sirius, was to blame for summer's hottest months. However, the "dog days" typically ended in mid-August, and for most parts of the northern hemisphere, summer is now coming to a close; not so, here in South Florida. Here, the heat is still rather "dogged."

Temps are still reaching into the mid to high 90s on a regular basis and the newspaper reported this morning that at night, temps have only dipped below 80 at night on a few rare evenings this month. I know it must get tiring to constantly hear me complaining about running in this heat, but it's such a constant drain on my running that I can't help myself!

Tomorrow for the long run, I'm gonna be meeting the group at 4:30 am in order for us to get as much running as possible done before the sun rises; that means I need to get up sometime between 3:15 and 3:30 in order to give myself time to wake up, eat, digest, and drive to the meeting spot. I have to admit, I'm already a little keyed up and nervous over the long run. I don't really know why. It's a training run, not the race itself, but still, it's a long distance, I had a bad long run 2 weeks ago, and I skipped my long run last weekend. I know I need this one to go well tomorrow morning to put me back into a positive marathon mood.

I'm probably putting too much pressure on myself and am certainly over-thinking it. I know that. But just like I can't help but think about and complain about the heat, I can't help but worry over a long run. What I need to do is focus on the fact that after I finish the long run tomorrow, I may be "dog tired," but I will have the Poison concert to look forward to Saturday night and a friend's bbq/pool party to look forward to on Sunday. And, of course, the day off on Monday.

I just need to survive those first 4 hours of tomorrow morning, then this long weekend can rock the hiz-ouse! Cross you fingers for me, but, certainly, don't sacrifice a dog.


Erin said...

Is this your 20 miler? All I can say is getting up at 3:15 isn't so bad-its looking at the clock counting down how little time is left for you to get shut eye that will annoy you throughout the night.

You will do fine. Run as much as possible and remember, it is training! It is supposed to suck so when marathon day comes, it doesn't suck. I know, so worldly and wise.

Good luck (and rest up because we are going to Rock Out!)

Ryan said...

I would be more worried about crapping your pants during the run than the actual run. I love to help.

Wes said...

Wow! 4:30 AM? Hard core! Rock it, Jess!!

Laurel said...

Wow, I feel like I am reading my own blog.

You can complain all you want about the heat, trust me, I TOTALLY understand. I have been doing plenty of 4:30am runs myself lately.

Its so funny you are going to the Poison concert! My friend had two extra tix his friend was trying to give away. I am going out of town, but was actually considering going! Have fun and good luck on that run!

Marcy said...

You can do it Jess!!! Just think of the sweet, sweet rewards at the end. 80's hair and man bulge in leotards is hard to resist.

I'd be complaining about the heat if I were you too. Running in that weather is brutal.

Rock out homie!

JustJunebug said...

right now i'm glad its you and not me.

i pulled a Jess last night and rocked some serious dehydrating beverages.

i am quite sure my little old 6 miler (its a cut back week thank God) is gonna suck more than a ho does for a fitty dolla bill.

i cant believe i just typed that.

ws said...

keep reminding yourself that it is good for your skin and your lips won't be chapped. oh, right, that doesn't work for me either. What did help for the first few miles of my 20 miler last month was carrying a frozen water bottle, helped give me the sensation that I wasn't really that warm. It will be over before you know it or 8am, whichever comes first. then you are free to not worry about a long run for a while. good luck in the am...I'll send positive vibes your way while I'm out riding.

David said...

Time for mind games. I do a few things to help me through times like that, when there is such a huge and seemingly insurmountable obstacle by way of exercise ahead of me.

First, I keep reminding myself that the run (in this case) will not last forever. It will end. And I am not running from anything, so it's my pace. And it will end.

Then, I focus on the things I will be doing afterward. I try to detach my mind and let my body keep doing what it's doing while I concentrate on (for example) what dress I'm going to wear to the Poison concert, where that lighter is that I will need for "Every rose has it's thorn", what I need to get done before it's play time, how far I've come, etc. You get my drift; just let your mind wander, kinda like when the students are taking an exam and you are just waiting for the clock.

You'll do well, and I'm jealous about you going to the show! Go knock it out, Jess!!

Firefly's Running said...

Go for it, Jess! You can do it!

J~mom said...

Holy crapinola...I cannot get up that early for anything. Well maybe to have a baby but that would be it. Ok, well maybe a crying baby but then that would really be it.

Good luck on your run!!

Debbi said...

You're probably already out there enjoying yourself. Heh.

If it's any consolation, I'm only training for a half-marathon and I have a hard time sleeping every week before my long run, which is – at this point – only eight miles.

Your commenters have offered some great suggestions; I hope I can remember them tomorrow morning when I'm out there!

Anonymous said...

I love Poison! Poison was my first concert: 10 years old, my mom and dad took me. Lol, I'm not sure if I should be proud or sad to admit that. 10 year old girl seeing Poison (Def Leppard, Journey, etc to name a few others), but never once seeing NSYNC, Britney Spears, Spice Girls, or anyone else.

RunnerGirl said...

You are my hero Jess! I was all proud of myself for getting up at *cough* 7AM *cough* for my run. 4:30? HARD. CORE. RUNNER.