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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Answers and Eight

A few notes before I get started on my 8 mile report:

1. No, I don't worry that students will stumble across my blog. I don't advertise to anyone but my friends about it, so my co-workers don't know of it either, and I think they'd have to look for it to find it. (That is, until I become very, very famous. Obviously, it will be hard to avoid the publicity then!) I worry more that I might drunkenly stumble across a student at a bar. That has happened in the past, and Mondays are a bit awkward after that.

2. Finding pants for a smurf: yes, that is hard. This is where I'm thankful for the FL climate -- I can wear capris and bermuda shorts year round, so that helps, and there are lots of dress capris out there that work well. As far as full length pants, I have to shop the petite section of stores. My fav for dress pants: Banana Republic. A close second is Express. Although, some of the dress pants I have from both stores have been hemmed -- some lengths are a better fit than others. My fav for jeans: American Eagle. And thankfully, jeans shrink up a little. So when I buy 'em, I immediately wash them in hot water and dry them on high heat, and that shortens them up some. Pants I can shrink; shoes, I cannot.

Alrighty, so that's it for Q &A time. Now, on to my 8 miler this evening: in short, it went well. Took along a GU and an 8 oz bottle of water. Had some water and the GU at mile 3, and that helped a lot -- by mile 5, I was feeling fan-fucking-tastic. Drank the rest of my water at mile 5, and I wish I'd had a little more, because by mile 7, I was parched again. Near the end, I was wearing out, and a half mile from home, I swear I smelled bacon. Whether it was weariness or smells from someone's house, I'm not sure, but it smelled delicious.

Right now, I'm sipping on my Gatorade (had a bottle of Smart Water when I got back -- luv that stuff!) and am waiting for the new episode of "Top Chef" at 10. Later gators!


L*I*S*A said...

Smelled bacon, eh? I have had that happen, but I suppose it's because I run by two restaurants twice on my usual neighborhood run. ;)

ws said...

the breakers always smells like bacon and maple syrup in the morning...mmmm.

what makes the water smart?

Tough Cookie said...

I went shopping last weekend, and trying to find pants was so frustrating! Even the petite section had pants that were too long for me, so I kept thinking, "why spend the extra dough on petite pants I don't even like because I'll have to get them hemmed anyway." Why is the rest of the world so damn tall?

Firefly's Running said...

Nice job on the run.

Mendy said...

My favorite dress pants are from Banana Republic, but can't afford their retail price - I shop after they go on sale. LOVE their pants and their jeans are great for me. I like Ann Taylor a lot too.

I too enjoy the smart water, great stuff.

Great 8 miler! You checking those runs off fast!

Wes said...

Nice 8 miler there, gator, and I'm a tiger, rowrrr :-)

Marcy said...

Mmmmmmmmmm bacon. God I could go for some pancakes and bacon.

Aren't all the cute shoes in smaller sizes? That's what I always though because I have a hard time finding anything cute in my size. Blah.

J~mom said...

I shop just like you!! I am such a huge fan of crop pants and I wear them year round!

You know I used to teach high school and used to get freaked about kids seeing me anywhere. Imagine my glee the day I rear ended a student and was "that" teacher for a few months. *sigh*

Great job on your run!!

Anonymous said...

I actually like no one I know reading my blog. Even though there's really nothing I'm afraid of people reading, it's just nice to have a place of my own.