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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

7 on the 7th

I ran 7 miles this evening with minimal knee issues* and it felt pretty darn good. Of course, it sucked when I got home and realized I had locked myself out.

My husband had gone to run some errands, and I'd locked the door on my way out -- confident that he would return before me -- but I should've known better. After trying both the front door and back door, I resigned myself to wait for my husband to return home (I only briefly considered scaling the bushes and attempting a hijacking through the kitchen window). Meanwhile, knowing that I was just outside the door, Scooter started whining and crying (the Beagle howl was so lonely and sad), so I ended up standing by the guest bedroom window so that Scooter could see me and so he would shush. Of course, people had to wonder what the nutty lady was doing standing outside her condo in just shorts and a sports bra -- I felt a little naked in the moonlight. Just when I was about to knock on a neighbor's door and ask to borrow a phone, my husband arrived.

This is the 3rd time I've been locked out of the house (4, if you count the time I thought I was locked out, but then found my key in my shorts), and it had me seriously considering one of those key-hiders for either under my car or for some location on the exterior of the building. Hmmm...I'll have to think more on that later: "Lost" is on in 25 minutes and I need to save up my mental juice for that.

*Knee ached some off and on, and I had to stop and stretch at mile 5, but on the whole, it felt better.


miss petite america said...

girl, you're hilarious.

we used to hude our key under the welcome mat...probably not a good idea but it certianly came in handy.

Erin said...

Or at least put one outside when you run...silly girl!

Glad the knee was a little better.

Neese said...

congrats on the "7 on 7"!! no key issues can be frustrating we are talking about getting more keys made because similiar things happen to us

teacherwoman said...

Nice job, Jess on the 7 miles! Wahoo!

Firefly's Running said...

Wow! But you got out.

Anonymous said...

First my dog scooter is also a beagle!

I have a hide away key - it has been a lifesaver.

How did you think about Lost? I love that show!

Congrats on the 7.

brunettechicagogal said...

Two ideas: Get an Amphipod. It's this little flat thing that hooks over your shorts and lays flat inside the front of 'em. You can even fit a Power Gel in there. They have them at running stores and www.roadrunnersports.com.

The other thing I did was get one of those stretchy key things that go around your wrist. I actually got it b/c I locked my keys in my car once a few years ago. It forces me to keep my keys around my wrist, and you can just grab them and hold onto them so they don't dangle and jangle while you run.

Also, there are key holders that you can loop through your shoelaces. They sit on top of your shoe like a ChampionChip does.

Jay T said...

I second brunettechicagogal's suggestion. I get a spare key made specifically for running and then always keep it in my Amphipod.

Hope your knee continues to improve!