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Monday, May 22, 2006

Virgin Voyage

Last night I went running in just my sports bra and shorts -- a bold move for the likes of me. Usually I like a little more coverage for the boobs and abs, but it's friggin hot here, even after the sun sets, and I was aiming for comfort. My husband assured me that it was not a scary sight (but that's what he's supposed to say), and I figured it was dusk outside and I would be like a blur to passersby anyway (because I'm like a speeding bullet).

At first I felt a little self-conscious, especially about my tummy. If there is any one thing about my body that needs improvement it is this inch of grabable flab right below my belly button, and for the first mile, I was very much aware of its tendancy to jiggle up and down. But after a bit, I stopped thinking about my exposed abdomen and I just enjoyed the run. It was a lovely evening last night -- a nice breeze, a lavendar sky, the smell of fresh cut grass. It was invigorating.

So would I go out again so scantily clad? Probably. At least during the summer months, it makes sense. But I probably do not have the courage to show up at the gym like that, even though I see many people with more than an inch of grabable flab who are wearing just shorts (men) or shorts and a sports bra (the old men -- ha!), but the gym feels like a showcase already, and I don't want people starring at me. At least when I'm running outside, I pass people; in the gym, I have to run next to them.


pinaypower said...

i run in just my sports bra and shorts ALL the time and trust me i ain't got no abs of steel. but i sweat, A LOT, and it's the only way i feel comfortable.

i figure, there are people who look WORSE than me and really, people are probably more impressed with the fact that you are RUNNING that all they see is a sporty hardbody. plus running without a shirt makes me more conscious of keeping my abs tight while i run :)

psbowe said...

I feel the same way about my abs, especially I gave birth to my daughter, I don't have a tone ab anymore, no matter how hard I try.
But yeah to you for doing it, I'll have to get over it too.

Bob said...

I love Seinfeld-isms I can see that woman waking down the street in her bra now.