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Friday, May 26, 2006

My Disgusting Toe

Gross, right? It's been black and blue for about two months now, and I'm wondering if it's going to fall off or what.

The exact origins of the injury are shrouded in mystery and I believe it was a combination of factors that led to the disfiguration: A. When I was waitressing at that mean restaurant (I quit, so you know) part time, I had a pair of shoes that kinda squeezed that foot and they made my toe ache. So I think it was a slow bruising, but then also: B. When camping in March, a friend stepped on my toe and seemed to seal the deal.

It used to be a much more vibrant purple, so the discoloration must mean its healing, but what's weird is that I can see underneath the nail and there is dried blood, so I must have burst a vessel (vein, whatever it's called) some how. For awhile it hurt to run, but now the toe is fine, but I'm still worried about the nail. I don't see how it can be salvaged. When I was in high school, I lost the same nail twice: Once in cross county season because the shoes I had were crap for the miles we were running, and again in soccer season when I "toe-hacked" the ball and split my toenail. (I also lost my thumbnail once when I was about five because I was looking under rocks for bugs -- roly-polys, to be exact -- and a rock smashed my thumb, the nail turned purple, and it fell off.)

It's a weird feeling to not have a nail, but it's also weird to look at this ugly fucker every day. At least it doesn't affect my running. And you know what I'm most icked out about? If it falls off, the thought of my sock rubbing against bare toe skin makes me want to hurl, ew!


Bob said...

I used to lose my toe nails every ski season in Colorado. To much mogle skiing.
Tips, keep your nails short, I mean really short and keep working on finding the right shoe.

Oh and don't fret a new sorta half nail will grow under the dead one long before the dead one will fall off. It's an ugly looking guy at first but it gets better.

Liv said...


My best friend once had a toenail like that after snowboarding. It turned, I kid you not, every single shade of the rainbow. I told her it was actually kinda pretty that way. And then, when it fell off, she tried to give it to me, on the premise that I had told her I liked it.

Some people.

Running Jayhawk said...

omg!! OUCHIES!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope it feels better soon... :(