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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Computer Issues

My computer is being invaded not by spyware itself, but by programs designed to rid the computer of spyware. I swear, all these anti-virus programs cause more trouble than viruses, and are just as annoying. Right now, I am seriously getting pissed at Norton, and Symantec, the company who owns and distributes Norton. It won't let me access certain things and keeps trying to get me to buy some other product to download. Damn this technology!

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carlos said...

Norton is way much too agressive! Considering that i do not know if it exists in english, try and search FREE-AV. It is a freeware Antivirus programm where even updates do not cost a penny as long as you use it for your personal use!
I am using it in combination with SPYBOT. These both work fine and do not call for attention as soon as i make a Paypal or similiar money transaction. Hope that i could help ya :)