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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Red Letter Day

Yeah! I did it! I actually got up early and went for a run; it was unbelievable. At first, I didn't know what that strange beeping in the middle of the night was, but then I realized it was my alarm, and instead of just shutting it off and sneaking in some more shut eye, I actually got out of bed, got dressed and hit the road. True, I found out when I returned that I had put my sports bra on inside out, but it seems to work either way.

Now I am off to take Scooter to the vet (he gets neutered today -- no more nuts for Scooter) and I have the day to myself to read student papers and to clean the house -- what joy! I can see why people do this get-up-early-and-run thing; it sure does open up the day.


pinaypower said...

OH YEAH!! morning runs are the best! you feel this huge sense of accomplishment because you've already run while most people still haven't had their coffee :)

Bob said...

I have to try the morning thing, but I just can't, yes I can, no I can't.....I envy you. Good luck scooter, Buddy will be right behind you in July.

Nicole said...

Congrats on getting up! My Scooter sends the best to your scooter!

Liv said...

Awesome! I too have serious issues with dragging myself out of bed to run first thing - it just doesn't seem humane. But you're right, it always pays off if you can do it.

Poor Scooter! He'll never even know that he misses his manhood... :)