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Monday, May 01, 2006

Night Run

Today I procrastinated long enough about my run that the only time to do it was this evening, and it was actually really nice. The weather was perfect, the sidewalks clear, the path well-lit. The only problem with the night run is that you have to time your meals right. Perferrably, I like to run on an empty or near-empty stomach (otherwise, I feel like that food is sloshing around in there). But in the evening, it seems tricky coordinating that late run with dinner. And I didn't do a great job of that, because the whole run I could taste the tacos I had for supper and I swear I burped taco the entire time (good thing I don't have a running partner). Next time I run in the late evening, I'll have to either plan an early dinner or a late one -- one in the regualr dinner hour just doesn't work.


ralphhogaboom said...

I'm glad I'm not alone in that dinner-or-run scenario! I'd be one of those early AM runners, but it's just not me.

Liv said...

I know! For some reason, it's just so much more tempting to snack in the evening, and just constantly have food in your stomach until bedtime.

I like night runs though, feels good to be out there when everyone else is watching TV. Okay, maybe that's not as virtuous as early morning running, but it beats the hell out of getting up at the crack of dawn!

ashley rebekah said...

just discovered your blog. i realize this post is approximately four years old, but i will comment anyway -

i am struggling with the same thing! with working full time, 17 month old twins, and a half-marathon training schedule, the only time i can run is the 6.30/7pm timeframe. which leaves dinner at 9pm. perhaps this is why i'm having trouble losing the baby weight?