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Monday, October 03, 2005

Weighed Down

I am happy to report that this morning, after consulting the bathroom scale, I am two pounds lighter. That means overall, I have lost four pounds since beginning this endeavor. That means I've lost about a pound a month -- very slow progress. However, I was pleased to see the pounds lost this morning since yesterday I ate a bag of M&Ms (not a full one pound bag, but one of those slightly oversized bags you can find at a movie rental store; in fact, that's where I got it) and I had an ice cream sandwich and an incredibly yummy, but also fattening dinner.

The weekends are hard to control or curb my bad eating habits because I figure it's the weekend. And weekend are for fun! And yesterday, for example, was a dark, rainy day and we had rented some movies to watch and had books to enjoy, and on days like that, I just want to curl up with my fattening snacks and enjoy the day inside.

I did, however, still go for a run. By early evening, all the snacking had given me a sour gut and I knew I needed to get out there and run it off, so I went to the gym and ran 2 miles -- not enough distance to even rid myself of one serving of M&Ms, but it did make me feel better. The gym is empty on Sunday evenings and it was nice. I like it when it's quiet and I have my pick of treadmills (there are those I prefer over others), plus I don't have to run next to someone and I like to have my own space.

Losing weight and trying to eat healthier is hard for me (I can do the exercise, I just don't like to curb my appetite), but I am glad I am finally seeing some results. Perhaps if I apply just a touch more self-control I could see further weight loss.

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Kay said...

Some treadmills are better, it doesn't matter if they're all the same. That one in the corner is the best.
Mmmm, plain m&m's? Or peanut? Or peanut butter? Or crispy? Peanut butter are the best, of course; and put them in the freezer (but not too long or they'll try to break your teeth off), and they're even better.
Weekends are definately the worst on diets. Happy monday.