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Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Shoe Goes the Mile -- Five of Them Actually

Yes, that's right. Yesterday, I ran five miles with my new shoes and it was great. I shouldn't have doubted the saleswoman; she was "spot on" about the size and I could definitely feel the difference in the new shoe as far as cushion and support. True, it might be a false comparison since my old shoes had literally worn a hole through the sole, but holes aside, I could feel a difference. Plus, I bought two new pairs of socks yesterday with the shoes, and I could tell the difference in the sock as well.

I've read about how a good sock can influence your running (they can offer their own kind of support and can reduce blisters, rubbing, and even foot sweat), but I always dismissed it as one more thing the manufacturers of running goods wanted us to buy. But it's true: The sock matters.

I still had shorts issues -- damn things are either bunching or riding up on me (I asked the saleswoman about that and asked if she had a shorts recommendation, but she said that shorts are an issue with every runner and the only way to completely avoid the extra fabric issue is to go really short; bikini bottom short, like what Olympic runners wear, and let's just say I'll never wear that) -- and my MP3 player actually quit on me about two minutes before I finished. The battery died, which was too bad since I had just downloaded four new songs. But overall, I had a really good run.

Today is not a running day; it's a break day and I am certainly busy at school -- literally piles of student essays to read. At this point in the semester, it's a never-ending river of work to read and grade. I'd best just get used to it; we still have 11 weeks to go. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

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I have compiled my thoughts of over 30 years in a book. It includes my running log program. I hope you will check it out, but more importantly share with me your best practices and tips in the running forum. You can reach me at jharrell@running4ever.com

Kristin said...

I just got into running... well seriously at least 4 months ago.... got my first marathon in sunday and have been checking out blogs! I laughed that your blog started out with a comment about socks! I told my runner friend that I was going to start training and she sat me down and in her small list of advice "the sock matters" came up a few times. I really didn't get how a nice soft cushion-y athletic sock was so bad... and then I bought a pair of running socks! I'm enjoying your blog! Glad you kept up the running... I plan to as well!