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Friday, October 21, 2005


The past two or three days have been very busy. I have a friend in from out of town, so between getting ready for her visit (cleaning like no gnome can) and the regular work I have for school, I haven't been running since Tuesday, and I doubt I will run today -- I have to entertain and can't be lazy about that job. So I feel a bit gooey.

I was reading yesterday in a health magazine I bought at the airport (her flight was delayed by forty-five minutes) that people who run, or even exercise regularly, and then are deprived of it for more than three days begin to have symptoms of depression. I wouldn't necessarily say I feel depressed, but I can definitely feel the change in my mood and my overall satisfaction when I have skipped out on a couple of days of running. Mostly, I supppose, it makes me feel fat, and when I don't feel fit, I don't feel great in general.

Plus, I have a pimple on my eyelid.

Who gets a pimple on their eyelid?!! Only the grossest of the gross, that's who. Of course, I keep touching it and inspecting it, and that only makes it redder and more pronounced. And it has to happen on a day like today. You see, my friend is here from out of town because tonight we are celebrating my bachelorette party! So, we're hitting the town like convicts just out of prison -- we are going to misbehave.

And I want to look good for that kind of trouble, and a pimply eyelid just isn't going to pull it off. Oh well, perhaps this afternoon I can get a run in before we get ready to go out. The weather is perfect out (except for some heavy humidity that Wilma is packin') so I could just step out later on and go for a short run. It won't cure the deformity above my eyeball, but it will help me feel a little sexier.

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Jen said...

You are hilarious with your eyelid story. I don't know you but you're funny.

OK, about running. That's how I got linked to your site. Life in running shoes definately feels better; just getting back into it and love being active!