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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Okay, guys, the title may have attracted your attention, but I'm not sure if you'll be truly interested to read what I'm going to write here. Because my subject today is not simply breasts, it is sports bras. You see, after I got my new running shoes, I started to look around at my other running clothes, and I found them unacceptable, especially my sports bras.

Reasons for dissatisfaction: One, there are only three of them and because I am such a sweat monkey, I have to do a load of wash every three days in order to have a fresh bra. It's totally gross to run in a stinky bra, even if I'm the only one sniffing the stink.

Two, one of them is very shabby. I have had it since I was in college, and it's a little out of date (made of cotton -- not a good factor for the sweating) and it has some areas where it is starting to deteriorate. That can't be good; I don't know if it is supporting in the same way it used to, so I don't wear it as much as the other two.

Which brings me to reason number three: Other two are not high quality either. I have a feeling -- a very real feeling -- that my boobies are bouncing around in there a little too much. And according to some running sources, that is not good. Boobs should remain stable.

Boob stability is very important when running because too much bouncing up and down can have serious boobal damage. That's how you get saggy boobs (a very recent, very real fear of mine), studies show that there may be links between breast cancer and bad bras, and, well, it just plain hurts to have the girls untethered. Unfortunately, finding the right sports bra is a little difficult, especially if you have significant boobage, and it can be very expensive. (The bra department is one area where sexism is still very much a reality. Have you seen the price of bras? Do men pay that much for their jock straps? I think not! It's highway robbery!) Many good sports bras range from $25 - $50. $50!!! For a bra?

Cost aside, it's still an endeavor. You need to find a bra that supports, but doesn't suffocate. Something that hugs you close, but doesn't smother. You also want the right kind of material, preferrably something synthetic so that sweat is pulled away from your body and you keep cooler and drier (under boob sweat -- major source of perspiration). And lastly, you have to look for something that feels comfortable and doesn't rub or chafe. You have to be able to run in it, not just pose in front of the mirror. It's a lot to think about while you're sorting through the various price tags.

Ladies, we need to unite for good strong support, and cheap prices. Don't they have children in Taiwan that can sew them together for cheap? C'mon Nike, give us a break.


mouse said...

Amen to this entire post, girl. I hear you on all accounts. Especially the one about bras being WAY too espensive!

LoriB said...

OK, I've got no suggestions for price, but I've seen some great sports bras in the Title Nine catalog (http://www.title9sports.com). I love so many of their clothes!

Kay said...

I echo what everyone else is saying, and your whole post. Finding a bra that fits right, comfortably, is an excursion of ginormous proportions.
And then you still have to add in the price. It's damn near impossible to find a good sports bra that doesn't cost more than your running shoes.