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Saturday, October 08, 2005


My newest favorite food. I bought a box of Special K about two weeks ago and decided to test it out, and it turned out that I liked it. It's pretty good for you -- high in fiber and low in sugar and calories, and with milk, you get protein and calcium -- so I've been eating about a bowl a day for the past two weeks.

I've never really been a huge cereal eater. When I was growing up, we weren't allowed to have much cereal because what we wanted was high in sugar and was often expensive (that's still true about cereal), so my mom wouldn't let us have much. That's why when I got to college I completely overloaded on Lucky Charms.

But the Special K box caught my eye when I was in the grocery store, and I thought there'd be no harm in testing it out. The box primarily caught my eye because Special K, as a brand, boasts its own speical diet; you might have heard the commercials -- eat two bowls a day, with sensible snacks, and a healthy dinner, and you'll lose a jean size in two weeks. Once I bought the box and brought it home, I read the back where it describes this diet. It is a simple idea; in fact, the same simple idea from the makers of Slim Fast. The recommended serving of both milk and cereal only adds up to 200 calories, so yes, if that made up two meals a day, you would be severely cutting your calories, and if your other meals were sensible (fruit) and healthy (chicken and veggies); then, I agree, you would lose a jean size in two weeks.

I like the cereal, but I'm not so keen on it for two meals a day. I'll just stick to one bowl; it does fill me up, it's pretty healthy, and it tastes good. That's really all I want in a food.

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