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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Season of Sick and Voting

They say that things happen in 3s.  In my case, this fall has been marked by 3 distinct illnesses for me: Mystery fever, flu, and now ear infection.

The current ear infection is the byproduct of a cold I picked up from the kids over the weekend.  At first, the cold seemed pretty harmless -- runny nose, that was about it -- but then Sunday night my right ear began to ache, and by the end of work yesterday, it felt like the entire right side of my head was throbbing.  I've never had an ear infection before, that I can recall, but I knew it was either that or aliens had laid eggs in my ear canal and the pain was millions of tiny alien hatchlings making my jaw their new home.

A quick visit to an urgent care confirmed that it was the former -- phew!  That just meant anitbiotics, not full out alien-attack.  I started the anitbiotics last night, and the prescription strength Motrin was a life saver.  Hopefully in a day or two, the infection subsides, and I can hear again.  It's shame not to be able to listen to all of Norah and Caleb's whining.

In other timely news, I voted this morning.  The wait wasn't bad, even though Jerry and I had the kids with us, the line moved steadily and the kids were actually super good for having to stand in a line that didn't end with a Disney character or a ride.

I may be the last person in America who enjoys politics and isn't cynical about it.  I genuinely believe that our government has the power and ability to improve the everyday life of its citizens.  Elections typically get swept up in the "big" controversial issues of government, but for me, it's about the daily contributions and effects that government has made and does make on my life, and I appreciate everything in my life that has been a product of government support:
  • the public schools I attended growing up,
  • the state university I attended for both undergraduate and graduate school,
  • the federal loans that allowed me to pay for graduate school,
  • the public college that employs me,
  • the National Parks I've enjoyed vacationing in,
  • the public parks I played in as a child,
  • the public parks I take my kids to on a regular basis,
  • the roads I drive on,
  • the bridges I drive over,
  • the ports and airports that have been departure points and destinations for me,
  • the federal regulations that have allowed us to re-finance our home,
  • the laws that allow me to drink my tap water without fear or hesitation,
  • the protection and safety provided by police, fire department, and military,
  • the mail delivered to my home 6 days a week, and
  • the equal opportunities and rights afforded to me by being an American citizen
I may be an idealist when it comes to government and politics, but when I look at what a lucky life I live here in America, I know that much of that is owed to the grandeur of idealism.  Cynicism didn't prompt this country to forge a new nation; idealism did.

So, when I vote, I always feel good.  Even if my candidates don't win, I know that I am a fortunate person, born, and living, in a fortunate country.


Nobel4Lit said...


Hope that ear heals up quickly. I had no idea adults can actually get ear infections...

TNTcoach Ken said...

So does mean a third child??? Get well.... I think it was that damn streak!

Agate Lake Girl said...

I voted absentee so no lines for me! Sorry to hear about your ear infection. Feel better-

Erin said...

Good idealistic post. Those are very important things to remember.

I just hate the "process" of political jargon in a campaign year. It brings out all of the negative things that overshadow the good things you mentioned. That's what brings the cynic out in me.

I was very pleased with the polling location and workers. I am glad I voted today too.

Ader Ann said...

I like your idealistic list :) those are the things I like, too.

Carolina John said...

I like living in a swing state too. Makes me feel like my vote really counts.

Sarah said...

I love the idealism in this post. Wonderful attitude!

pregnancy said...

I had no idea adults can actually get ear infections...