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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treatin: What a Treat!

The kids had a great Halloween, and we all had fun trick or treating tonight!
Jerry and Caleb at the start of the night:

Norah and Caleb taking a little candy break on a scenic bench:

Norah, Miller, and Caleb sharing a box of Nerds:

Caleb stoked that he scored another box of Nerds:

This is Norah on sugar:

We had a lot of fun, the kids got a HAUL of candy, and while everyone stayed up past bedtime, they still got to bed at a reasonable time, without much drama or sugar-infused fuss.  All in all, an excellent close to what's felt like an entire week's celebration!


Agate Lake Girl said...

Glad you guys had a fun night! It was a great Halloween in our neighborhood too. I think the cooler weather helped. Tons more people were out than in past years.

Nobel4Lit said...

Make sure you steal that haul and make them believe that Santa got it, lol. Just kidding. Love how much joy kids get out of things like a box of Nerds.

Carolina John said...

They are so freaking adorable in the costumes! Ours loaded up on candy too. so much fun.

Jamoosh said...

Don't your kids have a candy tax to mom and dad?