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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Running on Beat Legs

Yesterday, Michelle Obama visited the college campus where I teach.  For me, it felt like a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to see the First Lady, so I was excited to see her speak.  Her speech was good: She was articulate, intelligent, but she also felt very accessible and "homey," and she was by turns humorous, contemplative, rousing, motivating, and she even got me to tear up a little -- which is no easy task -- so by all means it was a worthwhile opportunity for me to see her.

However, seeing her basically took up my entire day, and it demanded a LOT of standing and waiting.

The standing and waiting began at 11:30 when my friends and colleagues and I went to wait in line outside the gym where she was speaking.  It wasn't a bad day to be outside (we lucked out that it was a temperate day yesterday), but still, high noon meant temps in the low 80s.  In the shade, we were comfortable, but in the sun, we broiled.  The line was a painstakingly slow crawl through security, and it took us 2 and 1/2 hours to get into the gym!

Once inside, it was another hour+ before the First Lady took the stage, and then she spoke for about 40 minutes.  So, by the time I left, I had been standing for nearly 5 hours.  I hadn't peed, I hadn't drunk much water (because I didn't know what the bathroom situation would be), and I hadn't eaten anything.  I was toast.

Standing wears me out.  I mean, I'm used to being on my feet for several hours a day teaching, but standing?  Standing is different.  It wears my legs out, but also my lower back.  And, I think I'm worse than a child about waiting; it's so mentally tedious for me, even with company to chat with, and I can be incredibly impatient about lines (just ask Jerry about me and theme parks; he says I'm worse than any kid).

So, seeing the First Lady was a good experience, but also a tiring one, both physically and mentally.  Thus, when it came time to run yesterday evening, I really wasn't feeling it.  But, I also knew that I wanted to get out there, so I trudged through 3 slow, hard miles on tired legs.  Once done, I was pleased I had gotten out there, even if it took what felt like for.ev.er. to run those 3 miles.  Next time, though, it would be smart to run before choosing to stand for most of the day!


Erin said...

I am glad to hear she gave a good speech. It would have been depressing after all of that standing to have it be mediocre.

Carolina John said...

it is cool to get to hear her speak. She's been in NC a lot campaigning, but I haven't been able to see her yet.

Viper said...

Congrats on your cool experience, and way to fight through the exhaustion to get out for a run after all that. I'm the same way with standing. It's killer. Cheers!

Agate Lake Girl said...

That is a lot of standing, but a worthwhile experience and life long story to tell!

jacobmontereal said...

I wish I can run again with my joint pains. I missed running so much.