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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jell-O Faces, Puke, a Speeding Ticket, and the Zoo: aka, A Weekend with Jess

1.  I don't know if it's the excitement of Jell-O, or if he's just a natural goofball, but Saturday afternoon after some raspberry Jell-O for snack, Caleb was hamming it up for the camera.  Here are a few poses that struck me as particularly funny:

2.  So, you saw the red Jell-O, right?  Norah had that too.  After snack, we went to Target, and on our way home, Norah suddenly barfed all over the car -- bright red puke shot out of her, like the scene in The Exorcist.  We were seconds from home, so we were able to get her out of her puke puddle and into the house and get her cleaned up.  (The car was another matter; that took some CLEANING.)  After the volcano of vomit, I was bracing myself: Dear God, I just spent a month being sick, is this the start of a new round? 
Thankfully, it didn't materialize to much.  Norah was fine the rest of the evening; Caleb had one loosey-goosey diaper, and was fine; Jerry complained of feeling gross, but nothing much came of that but whining; and I had a bit of deuce juice first thing this morning, but a half dose of Immodium took care of that.  *Knock on wood,* but I think we just flirted with whatever this bug was.
3.  Today, we went to the Palm Beach Zoo for their annual Boo at the Zoo.  On our way there, I was busy talking to my SIL, who's down for a few days, and I wasn't really paying attention to my lead foot...until that damn highway patrol's lights came on in my rearview.  Nerds!  He wasn't willing to be lenient with me, and was even painfully sanctimonious, "Look at you, transporting such precious cargo at that speed"; save it dude, the ticket is enough, thanks.  So, I think I've gotta hire one of those ticket clinics for this one; the cost of the citation is outrageous, and it demands a court appearance.  Dang nabbit.
Otherwise, our trip to the zoo was fun:

Still, that ticket left a sour taste.  I suppose it's karma: I deliver a hard lesson to a student for cheating, and Fate makes sure I too get to learn a tough lesson.  Phooey.


James said...

Oh my! What a face. We've had trouble with the jello stomach before...not fun. Good luck fighting the ticket!

Lisa said...

Jello face photos are too cute!!

Erin said...

I love the Jello shots (no pun intended). Caleb is a hoot in those pics.

It's worth using the ticket clinic type place. Less money, no points. I don't think I have the name of the lawyer I used but can dig if you want me to.

BTW, you should have told the police officer it's almost physically impossible for you to speed since your munchkin legs barely even touch the peddle even with the seat all the way forward.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Never heard of the ticket clinic before! Hope you're feeling better before Daytona 2013!

Agate Lake Girl said...

The tickets a bummer - I've never used the ticket clinic so no advice for you there.

I am impressed that you got the jello stains out of your car! That food coloring can be a b*tch!

P.S. If Caleb wanted to dress up like a vampire on Halloween - the red mouth would be perfect!

Carolina John said...

oh man, red puke is insane! No thanks.