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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey Trot: Race Preview

On Thursday, I'll run my 8th consecutive Turkey Trot 5K (viva la streak!), typically the only 5K I run each year, and always my favorite race of the year -- mostly because it starts and ends across the street from my house, and who doesn't love that kind of racing convenience? 

For my initial few years with the race, I used this race as my "A" shot at annual 5K PRs; interestingly, it has never provided me with a 5K PR.  Then, for a few other years (the past 4 years), I ran it just to run it: I was either pregnant or just getting back to running post-baby and I had no expectations for time.

This year, however, may be a different story.

Since recovering from my string of autumn illnesses, I have been logging some of the fastest runs that I've logged all year.  Last night, I ran a 3 miler in 27:06 (which was actually a slight disappointment since I'd been on target to run a sub-27 min/3 miler but had to stop and wait to cross an intersection, and I lost a few seconds off the run).

Thus, I think I may be poised to try and chase down my 5K PR (currently at 27:49) on Thursday.

Although just saying that feels like a jinx.  Still, jinx or no, the conditions are ripe for a potential PR:
  • The weather is forecast to be PERFECT: 58-60 degrees at the race start.  To me, that is THE best running temp.
  • Always in my favor with this race is my knowledge and familiarity of the course.
  • My recent speed has boosted my confidence that I still have the ability to run fast.
  • Knowing I have a cheering section at the finish line is a good incentive; I love having Jerry and the kids there to cheer me on.
Still, despite the conditions in my favor, a Trot PR has always eluded me in the past (maybe I psych myself out because I feel I ought to be able to ace this race), and a conservative part of me doesn't want to over-extend my hopes.

I'm trying to quiet that doubter in me, though, and I think after 4 years of running this race "just to run," I'm ready to run a race where I try to leave it all on the course.

And, afterward, I'm gonna eat my weight in turkey.


James said...

You can do it. IT sounds like you're in a great place with your running right now. Have a blast!

TNTcoach Ken said...

U can do it Waterboy! I smell a PR on Thursday.... or is that burnt turkey......

Jamoosh said...

I don't know how "big" this particular Trot is, but to ensure your best shot at a PR, I would move up a little further at the Start Line than where you think you ought to be. Best of luck!

Erin said...

McSpeedy, you can leave me in the dust. I have a feeling you will get your 5K PR at the Trot :) It's time for a personal best and record (not to mention it will make Thanksgiving that much sweeter!)

My goal is to finish. Ideally a 30 minute time would make me happy but after today's sluggish run and sore knees...I am not holding my breath.

Carolina John said...

Good luck! I'm getting ready to run my first turkey trot as we're normally traveling on thanksgiving day. Go get that PR!

CharisFaith said...

Can I tell you how excited I was to see that you started blogging again!!! I switched over to my old blogger today and I may have squealed when I saw this post.

Good luck on your Trot PR!!!


MCM Mama said...

You got this!

I just recently decided I'm not even going to run the 5k this year - I'm walking it with my boys. It's just become too crowded and I'm tired of tripping over kids and dog leashes. I'm going to just enjoy seeing all of my neighbors.

Marci said...

You can do it! Good luck!