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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Winter Running

This morning, I had two running outfits in hand: In one hand I had a short sleeved shirt and shorts; in the other, I had a long sleeved shirt and capris.  It was 50 degrees out and a tough call.

In the end, I went with the short sleeves and shorts, and I was grateful I hadn't chosen the warmer ensemble.  I know that despite the fact that at 50 degrees I feel cold at the start of the run, a little ways in, I'm always nice and toasty.

When we have temps this cool (I know, that clause just made many of you hate me), I do wish I had arm warmers.  I think they'd be a nice way to compromise the two above choices.  Maybe I should put them on my Santa wishlist.

Anyhoo, I'm truly loving the weeks we have now had of lovely temperate running weather.  The other night when I was running, I was honestly thinking to myself: "This is SO great!  I love this!"

I just wish I had winter's temps with summer's long days because the one compromise with winter is the lack of daylight.

By 5:30 pm, it's dark here, and for me this makes it hard to get out and run, for several reasons:
  • I'm not inclined to leave the house once it gets dark.  This self-imposed isolation seems to be increasing with age.  I know that 10 years ago, I went places after dark.  Now, I'm like, "What?!  We can't leave the house!  Look, it's dark outside!"  Thus, it's hard to get up the mojo for an evening run.
  • The darkness at 6 pm is not darker than at 6 am, but it feels more insidious.  Like, I'm definitely toying with being murdered if I'm out running at 6 pm. 
  • Even though I run well-lit, residential streets, there are pockets of shadowy darkness, and it seems very possible that I will trip over a lip in the sidewalk and break an ankle.
  • I've seen two raccoons the past few evenings when I've run after dinner.  I fear rabies.
  • Vampires.  'Nuff said.
In the past, I ran the darkened streets with less hesitation, I think (or maybe I always have this initial adjustment and then totally get over myself), but this year, I think I'm gonna fill my Amazon cart with enough reflective gear and headlamps so as to be seen from the moon.  I might also buy a little canister of mace.

Careful, raccoons, careful.


Becka said...

LOL at 50 degrees.

As for arm sleeves, try Ink N Burn. inknburn.com - they are awesome. I also own YMX (good) and Asics (good). Not crazy about the Zensah or Moeben ones.

Nobel4Lit said...

Yeah, running in the dark is scary. Once almost kicked a cat... and my fiance once saw a raccoon as large as one. Agh. And 50 degrees is awesome, just in the light.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Yes I hate you, but you won me back with the aging comments! I agree that Santa needs to surprise you with some arm warmers, I love mine because they make me look cool.....

Brooke said...

So love your blog! I swear some days you write about the exact same things I am thinking about when I am out running.

This post is so funny since I had the same issue with temp...but it was 35 here not 50. I did get chased by a dog though so hope you didn't.

You do need some sleeves. I wear mine a lot. It is so nice to be able to pull them up or down or tuck them into my shorts waist band if I get too hot.

Oh, and I also know that serial killers, axe murderers, stalkers, etc are not early risers but do come out at dark (at least that is what I tell my husband to justify running very early).

Carolina John said...

yea the early nightfall is killing me too. Gots to get those miles in! We've been in the 30's every morning this week so I've been hitting the dreadmill.

Kathee said...

My biggest fear is tripping in the dark. It's not good form to look down the whole time! I don't like it! I have a pair of arm warmers that are actually for bikers and I bought off a "one deal at a time" website. They are wool and I LOVE them. Find a pair you like and call Santa! You will never regret it!

MCM Mama said...

Yeah, I hate going out after dark. I've never loved it, but now I'm all freaked out that someone is going to attack me as I go to my car LOL.

I don't run after dark for the above reason + too many uneven sidewalks/lacking sidewalks in my neighborhood.

I love arm sleeves. Wonder why I never actually remember I have them LOL.

ajh said...

I much prefer running in the dark in the morning - totally get this. I recently wore arm sleeves for the first time - on my bike - but they were perfect.

Erin said...

I agree, running in the dark in the morning is almost enjoyable. Running in the dark at night, not so much. It's a mental thing I think.

I wondered about sleeves. My arms are always what gets so cold but thought I am too novice a runner for fun stuff like that.

Costa Rica Running said...

I live in Costa Rica and I don't like running in the dark for 2 reasons: 1) the streets are in a poor condition (destroyed, lots of holes) so you can get injured and 2) we have too many crazy drivers here! It's better go to the beach and run through the forest or nearby the sea

Ader Ann said...

I am a long-time reader (okay, lurker) from pre-Norah times, and only a recent commenter. Better late to the party I guess. We are on our first trip ever to Florida for the Disney Half Marathon. I went out after 6 for a quick leg-shake out run and freaked out from rustling in the greenery along the sidewalk that sounded like it was made from a ginormous animal ... or raccoon. Good for speed-work though.

Agate Lake Girl said...

Since I don't "run," we'll substitute "running errands." I can barely muster up the courage to go to Target after dark. I'm certain its the preferred one-stop shop for boogie men worldwide.