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Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday's "To Do" List

Teach classes: Check.

Wash guest bedding, make bed: Check.

Wash all windows (including large sliding glass doors inside and out): Check.

Wash Scooter: Check.

Dust, clean bathrooms, clean all floors, vacuum Scooter fur off couches, take out trash, run dishes, wash and dry all rugs: Check, check, check.

Finish reading stack of papers: Check.

Run 4 miles? Motherfucking Check.

That's right, peeps, with a little "can-do" attitude and a whole lotta caffeine, I got everything done on my daunting checklist. I friggin rock.


David said...

Hellz yeah, dog. You rock the hizzle! Man, that's a lot of stuff to get done. Did you finish painting also? :-p

(tick-tock-tick-tock)Time is ticking down to Thursday, and I'm on the edge of my seat. This is almost as exciting as waiting for Monday night during a season of "24"!

L*I*S*A said...

You seriously rock. I'm tired just reading all that.

Which reminds me.

I gotta do something about these dust bunnies.

Nikki said...

HAHAAAA David!! Thursday! I think your addicted to the Thursday night soap opera :)

That is alot to do...great job getting it all done...even the motherfucker part ;)

teacherwoman said...

You freakin' rock! Awesome job!

miss petite america said...

damn that's more work than i've done all week!

ws said...

I second MPA, aside from the running, all those other tasks would take me a week to finish. Have a good time with your houseguests. I hope company doesn't mean no bowling.

Marcy said...

I third MPA. Man I can't even remember the last time I washed the windows :-X Rock on homegirl!

Erin said...

Lists...aren't they fabulous?

I knew you would get it all done. Say hi to the step-mom and your sister. Don't let Jerry slap either of their butts too hard.

keith said...

I wish you still lived in Minnesota. You could take that can-do attitude to some of my chores and then I could run more.


I kill me!

No seriously, though. Good job. You are wawoem.

Wes said...

Holy crap! Are you married? ;-) Go get'em girl!!

Krista said...

AH - no better feeling than getting everything on a mile-long list accomplished! Now enjoy the fruits of your labor and have fun with the company!

Anonymous said...

Man, I need to take a leaf outta your book. Your post made me feel kinda lazy... but motivated at the same time!

Mendy said...

You ROCK! lists are great, but I usually forget where I put them.

Crap ! I'm reminded I need to do chores.

Hope you have a great time with your family!