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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bolwing, Bowling, Bowling, Rawhide!

Okay, homies, this is gonna be the best bowling post ever! Because I have had the right amothiy of alcohol and I think I type pretty good.

So, I hadsome pretty good gmes. First game was alright, second game was aweosme and third game again was laright. B/c 2 team mates were gone, I let my sister and stepmom bowl int heir place (hope that's okay!) and my stepmom did awesome but my sister was still wokin on not getting it in the gutter. But she did improve and that's what counts -- plus, I think she had fun.

We did not earn any points (sorry, Shannon).

I had me lots of beers...and one shot. I think my setpmom was kinda leary about me drivy home but I said "I drive home all the time".....so maybe that eased her min!

Anyway....am sad that my friend Amy is leaving tomorrow for Denver. I had some mini tears ove rht eev departure. Hugged her. Hugged LBK (little baby kyle). Sad they are leaving but also happy fo them if this is the ahppier life they want...what can I do? Soemtimes friend smove away and all I can do is eat corn dogs. (Which was deiclisou).

Alrighty,,,enouh sad things. Amy and Kenivn and Kyle will be ahppy in Co and I will go ski there, so its cooll. Maybe.

Do they have corn dogs there?

Kidding, I grew up there, adn yet...I don't think I had a cron dog til I moved to MN (maybe that's where they invented corn dogs) andyway, they are delcious at the bowling alley.

Sokay, I will miss them all -- sad toseee them go but happy about corn dogs.

What else was ai gonna say? Oh yeah, quote of the night:

Ont he way to bowling, my sister was trying to figure out the exact confirguation of her visor (hat thingy)and she said: "I like t by pimpin wherever I go"!!! That is aweomse. My new motto.

I like to be pimpin wherever I gio. Yey, that's me. Pimpnin, Homies.


miss petite america said...

did you really drive home?

Nikki said...

Ohhh your soo getting slammed on driving home!! Dont tell me you drove!!!! *slaphead*

BTW..I didn't tag you becuase Marcy did!!

Marcy said...

Please tell me you cabbed it home?

Randy said...

I hope you took a cab home too...or let some hunk drive you home.

Why do I end up with snot trying to leave my nose whenever I read your post...ewwww...gross, but I laugh way to hard, it's a natural event.

I'm beginning to think that you missed your calling as a standup comic...well maybe a sitdown drunk comic...(jk)...*S*

Firefly's Running said...

ROFL!!!! BTW, corn dogs were not invented in MN. We just REALLY like eating them there.

Wes said...

I {heart} corn dogs...

keith said...

Corn dogs are great...

Hope you saved the majority of the beers for after you got home. DUI's are not wawoem.

JustJunebug said...


RunMomma said...

I can eat three footlong corm dogs in one sitting! :O

brunettechicagogal said...

I am about to get on my soapbox, so please forgive me. But I have to say this:

Please, please, please do not drive drunk. I don't have to spell out why this is one of the worst ideas known to humans. You have been lucky so far, but you could kill yourself or someone else. Do you want your parents or husband to have to ID your mangled body? Or worse, do you want to have to live for the rest of your life knowing you killed someone?

OK, off the soapbox. Promise me you won't do it again!

Mendy said...

Sounds like you had a good bowling time again. and all the talk of a corndog makes me want one.