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Monday, July 09, 2007

In the past eight days, I have consumed record numbers of alcohol and fatty, high-cal food. Partial fault goes to the holiday last week and celebrating it twice, but the majority of fault goes to moi. And I can feel the effects of my gluttony today (sometimes the fat cells need a few days to coagulate and make their final resting stop on my thighs). I feel like a fatty-fatty-two-by-four.

I didn't make the mistake of weighing myself this morning (Mondays are bad enough, who wants to step on to the scale and add to the misery?), but as I sit here, I feel like a lard ass. Not good.

At the beginning of May, I felt this way and resolved to try and lose 5 lbs. Did I do it? Nyet. I am still 5 lbs fat. So, today I re-resolve to lose those extra pounds of chub and try to become the lean, mean running machine that I'm always aiming for. I guess that means I need to go to the grocery store, and no more Bud Light and mini egg rolls for me. Straight up salad, here I come.

*Editor's note: Okay, Erin, I guess you weren't drunk this morning, b/c Blogger won't let me write a title for this post either. Booger.


teacherwoman said...

Ahh the misery of juggling good food and exercise! I know I struggle.. and the summer months are full of just as much unhealthy food as I thought the winter months had!

L*I*S*A said...

Oh gosh.

Buy salad AND

Bud Light.

The two can live in harmony. :)

keith said...

sounds like you could use some real balance.

take my post race meal advice of the last two days:

one custard filled donut, eaten in the hot, hot sun. let chocolate glazing and custard drip and melt on potato chips and m&m's and animal crackers. wash down with root beer float. lick dressing off of salad. throw greens away. then grill hamburger and devour with white bun and bacon. follow with fried egg sandwich and bacon the next morning, also with another custard filled chocolate donut. accompany with american fries if you wish. dinner consists of venison stroganoff made with full on sour cream sauce and cream of mushroom soup and a mound of pasta approximately four inches high by thirteen inches in diameter. accompany this with lettuce drowning in ranch dressing. eat an apple for dessert. then a cookie. then half a pint of Phish food. douse palate liberally with ginger beer and cream soda all weekend.

no excersize. just ran about 16 miles saturday. excersize can happen tuesday morning.

see? that's balance, sister.

Wes said...

Hmmmm. I just read some interesting stuff on nutrition in a tri book, don't know if you are interested in it, but it might help :-) It is a little more involved than no regular beer, fatty foods, and eat salad! LOL. Those last 5 lbs are always the hardest!!!

Erin said...

You could join the Froyd diet.
100 calorie yogurt for breakfast 100 calorie snack
Lean Cuisine for lunch
100 calorie snack
sensible dinner (which tastes good no matter what you eat because you are so fucking hungry it doesn't matter if it is poo or not)
no drinks (except bowling and weekend)
and lots of water (or one Dt. Coke/Pepsi to keep the caffeine monster at bay)

Good luck. It's a bitch!

ws said...

I think salad at home sucks, perhaps that is because I don't use up the vegetables soon enough. I'd give up the mini egg rolls, keep some bud light and get a lot of protein. enjoy your monday and avoid the scale, I'm in the same boat with weighing on Mondays.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the 5 lb goal! You can do it :)

JustJunebug said...

I myself thought of this very thing this past weekend.

I resolve to do the same.

Hope we are both successful!

Krista said...

haha. Join the club. I've spent the whole summer feeling lard-assy. And summer, aka bathing suit season, is no time to feel that way.

Marcy said...

Ugghhhhhhh nothing is more fun than "healthy" eating (too many years of that for me LOL). Don't worry chica, I'm sorry you'll do GREAT!! ;D The 5 lbs will come off like a prom dress :P

RunnerGirl said...

Welcome to my hell. The past 2 weeks have been horrible! I lost 20lbs... and then sorta went *meh* OK. Now I really need to get in gear, and I am in Mexico all week! Not so lo-cal. Not so healthy. And half of the stuff I don't even know what it is exactly... so those calories do not count, right?

You are so gonna kick that 5lb's arse.

Nikki said...

I think food over the boarder is free cals...and all food eatten on Holidays :p

Soo..that means you can come live here and eat free all the damn time !! HAHAHAA

I hear ya on the last 5 (10+ in my case) its a biatch!

I just came back from the store with lost of veggies and no snacks ;)

J~Mom said...

I have been just trying to lose one stinking pound to get my dang pedicure. I hear your pain...dang holidays!

Firefly's Running said...

Girl, I have a love-hate relationship with the scale right now. Right now I absolutely think it's so EVIL. Have a bottle of Mich Ultra Amber - my personal recommendation.

Mendy said...

Sounds like you're mentally ready for it! I think that's what my problem has been, my mind just isn't into loosing it, well - until I put on something that's tight -then I just lay on my bed and cry! LOOSING weight sucks, but feeling like a freakin' whale is worse, I suppose... I'm in the same boat - as you can tell. I told myself this morning "This is it, no more bad food". I have WAY more than you to loose.

You can do it, Jess!!

jkrunning said...

I was bad over the holidays too. I think I FOUND 5 lbs. instead of losing them.

brunettechicagogal said...

If you're really serious about losing weight -- and I don't think you should be b/c you are a TINY woman -- don't rely on running. It's not likely to do the trick, at least not alone. Do some strength training a few times a week, and I'm not talking those wimpy 3-lb. weights. Work it, girl -- break a sweat! And Weight Watchers always worked for me. If you're working out 5 days a week, hard, you probably should ramp up the points a bit, though.

But in the long run, beer ain't gonna be a friend to your thighs.