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Monday, July 11, 2005

Top Five Songs

Here's my top five songs for running:

5. "Two Step" by Dave Matthews Band
Normally I think DMB would make an odd choice for a running song, but this song is fast-paced and energetic -- especially the beginning.

4. "Body Movin'" (remixed version) by The Beastie Boys
This has some of the necessary beats and rythyms that make running seem so much easier; you can practically feel your feet trying to pound out the song as they hit the pavement. This song is also a key track because it's long -- nearly ten minutes -- so if you can keep up with it, you've probably gone about a mile (depending on your pace). The only problem is that the lyrics are repetitive, so if you're someone who tires of the redundancy of "Body movin', body movin..." then perhaps it's not for you.

3. "Special" by Garbage
I love Garbage, and they actaully have a lot of songs that work well for running, or exercising in general, because they have such a techno underscore (right musical term? I have no idea). But this song is particularly good for running. Just try it. You'll like it.

2. "Hey Mama" by The Black Eyed Peas
You can't go wrong with the Peas, and this song is great in a lot of settings: for dancing, for driving, but also for running. I often like to start with this song -- it sets the mood.

And lastly, drum roll please, my number one running song:
1. "Pain" by Jimmy Eat World
A. The title just says it all. B. Who doesn't like Jimmy Eat World? Boo, to any sceptics that think they were a one hit woner several years ago with "The Middle" -- I love them.

So, those are my picks for running, perhaps tomorrow I'll list the worst songs for running!

1 comment:

Ryan said...

Also try "Nazareth-Hair of the Dog". I like the world to know that "now yer messin with a sonuvabitch" when I am running.