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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sleepy Day

The paper clip icon who is a part of Microsoft Word on my office computer is currently sleeping. He was perky when I first turned on the system and got things going, but he quickly slumped down against the sheet of lined paper that shadows him. He's even emmitting little snoring sounds. I clicked on him a moment ago just so he could feel like he had something to do, but he merely raised one penciled eyebrow at me and asked if I needed to search for something. Since I really didn't, I clicked out and he looked a little miffed at me. Now he's disappeared.

But I don't blame him for feeling sleepy. I'm all tuckered out as well and, of course, did not rise early to run today. At night, I have these grand ambitions about getting up an hour early and running. In the evening it doesn't seem like it should be so hard, but when that early alarm goes off first thing in the morning, I immediately regret thinking that I could get up. Ineveitably, I just reset it and go back to sleep for the remaining hour.

Something tells me that I might have more energy and pep if I actually responded to that early alarm and heaved myself out of the deep comforts of bed, but I just don't have the will. Usually, I run at night, but right now, I have classes two nights a week and bowling one night a week, and when I get home from either, it's too dark and too late to tie up the running shoes.

Sometimes I read about people who run or work out on their lunches, but I'm hungry on my lunch so that's really not for me. I don't know how to do it, but I need to find a way to give myself a window of time for running; otherwise, it doesn't get done. I read an article in "Runner's World" last year with our beloved President George Dubya (a pretty committed runner) about how excuses for not running aren't legitimate, and that people who say they don't have time for exercise are the same ones who say they don't have time for their families. I hate that bastard. So, I figure if that fucker can find time to run, so can I, dammit.


Natasjia said...

I just found this blog yesterday from Froyd's link -- but I already love it. I have spent the last year doing what you're writing about...and I finally just found my "running niche" so to read everything you're writing about is very, very gratifying. (as in, I'm not the only one!!!) I actually started running stairs; it kicks my ass but I've noticed a difference in just a week and yesterday I went for my first real run since I started and even that was easier, instead of the usual painful gasping lopsided thing it has been. I was going to suggest you try running in the evenings, but then I got to the end of this post--but I can't run in the mornings either, even on the days I can sleep in and getting up early to go running means setting the alarm for nine a.m. instead of six. Something about the bed just makes tennishoes seem so not worth it.
Sorry for the ridiculously long comment, but...umm...yeah.
Oh, and what was it I read about Bush runnning because he falls off his bike to much?

Froyd said...

po' dubya, he tries so hard, but fails so very very often.

I do believe he's the first and only person to fall off the supposedly "untippable" segway.