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Saturday, July 16, 2005


Two days ago I got a massage and the masseuse told me that I had knots that were so hard it was like rubbing bone. It kinda hurt, no wait, really hurt, the way she kneaded and pounded those knots out of me. I was like the metaphorical putty in her hands, and she beat the shit out of me. At times I wanted to concede and yell "uncle," but I just gritted my teethed and tried to think of flowing brooks and so forth so that I could relax -- which is what I thought a massage was supposed to be about.

After she was finished and she'd done everything short of pummle me with rocks, I actually felt kind of good. I had an strange tingling in the tips of my fingers, which I assume was increased blood flow, and I felt a certain relief of pressure in my neck and shoulders, and presumably more blood was flowing to my brain. She said that I should try to take a few moments a day to take some deep breaths and relax -- apparently I'm just a ball of anxiety.

But two days later, and I'm still sore. I expected to see visible bruises the day after, but there was no sign of her physical abuse (although I ususually carry the marks of a few errant bruises anyway; I run into a lot of furniture and used to fall off a lot of barstools). My muscles still feel clobbered, but I guess that just means it's working. She said I need to come back more often and get massages regularly so she can fully knead me into pliable dough.

All this rubbing is supposed to make my muscles stronger and healthier, so I can run better and won't be sos sore, but I can't help but think it may just make them lazy. Tension helps keep them taunt -- I don't want them to think they can just relax and get flabby. I'll have to give this torture artisit some serious consideration.

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Erin said...

I am not a fan of the massage either. My first time I felt like screaming "Leave me alone! Just give me a back scratch and call it good."

I went home expecting bruises but actually felt drunk. All of the toxins had been released and stored alcohol was flowing through my veins days after being consumed.

I tend to think that repeated sessions would be better than once every 26 years.