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Friday, January 18, 2013

Long Weekend Ahead: Destination Disney

This afternoon, after my class, we're heading north to Orlando for an impromptu Disney weekend.

After we returned from MN, a few weeks ago, Jerry got work's 11th hour approval for a conference in Orlando beginning this weekend; after some brief deliberation, the kids and I decided to join him so we could all enjoy a little Disney-fied-fun.

We went to Disney last spring, but even though it feels like it wasn't that long ago, when I look back at the pics, it's amazing to think of the changes in each kid in the last 8 months:

Caleb was only 11 months old then, not walking, still very much a baby.  Norah wasn't fully potty trained yet.

Now, we've got a 3 and 1/2 year old who sometimes feels like she's going on 13, and who beckons us to come regard her poop in the potty: "Guys, come see this!  It looks like a croissant!" and Caleb is turning into a full-blown kid (WTF?  who said that was allowed?), who not only walks, he runs. 

So, the Disney experience will be a different one this time around.  Plus, Disney World (Magic Kingdom, specifically) has changed too: They expanded Fantasyland to include all kinds of new stuff, and I think the new areas with the princesses are gonna blow Norah's mind!

It's gonna be a busy weekend, but should be fun.


Carolina John said...

Wow! I think we're heading in March. Have a safe trip and have fun!

Jamoosh said...

Leashes. You will need leashes...

James said...

Enjoy! My wife and I were just there last weekend for the marathon. I ran it, she spectated. The marathon was awesome, but other than briefly running through during the race, we didn't enter any of the parks. We did Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. If you like Harry Potter, go see it, and be sure to get the butterbeer! Have a great trip!

Kevin said...

Have a great time. Hopefully the weather will be a little cooler this weekend then it was last weekend for the marathon

Lisa said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

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Agate Lake Girl said...

Hope you have a great trip!

orlando villas said...

Wow-simply awesome. Great writing & the photos? Simply some of the best.

Anonymous said...