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Monday, January 28, 2013

Kinda Sorta Working

So, back to the Garmin saga...

...Garmin's customer service had advised me to first try updating the device's software before I sent it in, just in case that was its issue.  So, I did as I was told and updated its software.

Viola!  It turned on.

This was early last week.  I took out for a 3 miler as a test "run," and it worked just fine:

I figured: "Halleluja!  It's healed."

Then I turned it off and put it on the charger.

And, it seemingly went kaput again.  So, I did a hard reset, and...back on!  You can guess at last week's cycle with the device: It seems dead; I do a hard reset; it returns from the dead.

It's been recording mileage accurately, and I used it all weekend, so the GPS signal must be good, but I still think something funky must be up with its battery.  Or, it just wants to fuck with me.

Either way, I think I must summon up my courage and call customer service again and tell them, "Hey, I tried the software update but, um, it's still glitchy."  They were super nice the last time, but I just hate having to call customer service for anything.  It's one of those "Chores I Abhore."

This is why I need a personal assistant.


Erin said...

Any call to customer service is seen as a chore. I avoid them at all costs too.

I jumped back into the running world today. Glad to see my watch still had a charge and my MP3 player.

Good luck!

Carolina John said...

Make Jerry do it! I'm always getting the wife to take care of things like that for me. it's glorious.

Kathee said...

Technology! Hope you can get it to behave! I sure love mine!

Kevin said...

Sounds like it probably is the battery, or maybe the charger?

TorontoRunner said...

oooh I've never had a problem with my garmin yet, but the day I do, will be a super challenging day..haha

Crystal said...

That whole garmin thing sounds so frustrating. I hate when the gadgets win!

Ben Arnold said...

What I do when faced with that same situation with my gadgets is that I shake them up a bit, maybe squeeze it once out of frustartion. And I too don't like calling customer service for anything. I've talked to some and they were kind enough too, but the instructions on how to do this and that without a visual example can be very confusing. If all else fails, just have it replaced, I guess; and for free if possible. I hope you've gotten yourself a new timer this year. Good luck!

Ben @ Sorted-PA.com