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Monday, January 21, 2013

Disney Running: The Streak is On!

Folks, this morning's run at Disney marked 21 consecutive days of 2013 running -- aka, I've gotta l'il ole streak happening here. 

Shhhh, don't jinx it!

While at Disney, I was lucky enough to find a really comfortable 3 mile route that was convenient and fun, and for those who ran either the marathon or the half marathon there last weekend, it'll probably look familiar since it's the last leg of pretty much any Disney race course.

We were staying at Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resort, so when I ran, I headed out the back of the resort, which overlooks the marina and just started running.

Away from the resort, I ran toward Hollywood Studios, following the river (again, if you've run any Disney race, this should be recognizable, but from the opposite direction since races always go OUT of Hollywood Studios).  It's a nice little riverfront path.

I paused at Hollywood Studios -- one of Disney's parks that I haven't visited since I was a teenager.  Sure, I've raced through it, but I was 15 the last time I went on vacay and toured it.  Back then, it was called MGM Studios.

From Hollywood Studios, I did a U-y, and headed back along the river toward The Boardwalk.

Backside of The Tower of Terror -- again, never had the pleasure of falling from its scary heights.  Not sure I want to either.  Those kind of rides really aren't for me.  If I want to poop myself, I just need to have a bran muffin and large coffee and then get stuck in traffic.  I don't need to dangle above the earth and then plummet a couple hundred feet.  No thanks.

Once I came back to the marina, I circled through The Boardwalk (marathoners, am I walking you through the last 15 minutes of your race? can you feel the blisters?!).

Then, a ran over the bridge into the back of Epcot where races sneak into the park and pop out in "France," but on each run, I didn't actually enter the park, I just bid France "adieux," and then turned around and headed back to our resort.

They were fun runs, and it felt like I enjoyed the scenery more on these little jaunts more than I ever did during a race (I recall just being pissed off by the time I hit The Boardwalk back when I ran the marathon -- 6 friggin years ago!  can you believe it's been so long?).  Plus, the weather this past weekend in FL would've been perfect for the marathon -- instead, you guys got hot and humid --  but, for me, it was lows of 50s and highs in the low 70s, occasionally overcast, nice breezes.  In general, good running weather.
We had a good vacation as well, and I'll post some pics from that tomorrow.  For now, my home laptop seems to be giving me grief regarding pics, and I had to load these pics and start this post from my phone.  Don't know what's up with that, but I'll use some work time wisely this week and get other kid pics up via my office computer.  I mean, really, what else do I get paid to do besides blog and mold young minds?  The latter can take a back seat for a spell.


Kevin said...

I remember those areas very well from the marathon last weekend. They were a crowded mess by the time I got there. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Wish we could have had the same weather for the marathon. I can only hope to bring some of the cold weather down with me for the A1A marathon next month

Nobel4Lit said...

Congrats on running during your vacation! SOunds like impromptu didn't mean that you couldn't do what you needed to do... sounds like fun!!!

Crystal said...

Beautiful pictures..makes me want to take a quick visit down there. So warm and pretty! Nice job on the running while up there. Looks like you guys had a great trip.